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Decennial liability is a strict liability imposed on contractors and/or design consultants whereby they are held liable to compen- sate an owner or employer of a construction project in the event of defective design, workmanship, and/or material in built struc- tures.
President Donald Trump had said after the high court's decision last week that he would ask his attorneys about possibly delaying next spring's decennial census until the Supreme Court could revisit the matter, raising questions about whether printing of the census materials would start as planned this month.
Open records documents dispute his recollection of the request, and decennial census information has never been used or needed in enforcing the VRA.
The Justice Department had requested the change in December, arguing that asking participants about their citizenship status in the decennial census would help enforce Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which aims to prevent voting rights violations.
Needless to say, Merkel has defined her decennial legacy as chancellor through moral finesse, calculated practicality and realpolitik.
It should be kept in mind that professional indemnity insurance might not respond to a claim made under Article 880 (dealing with decennial liability) of the Civil Code for any major design defects which threaten the safety and stability of the building.
That's why they called for a decennial survey in Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution - the second item of business after the establishment of Congress.
MOGAVEERS Bahrain will be holding an induction ceremony of its newly appointed Decennial Executive Committee on Friday at the Indian Club in Gudaibiya.