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Rarely used term denoting the process of arterialization of the blood by oxygenation and the removal of carbon dioxide in the lungs.
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Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States, at xiv (2014), http://deep decarbonization.
As electricity is used chiefly by the end-use industries, carbon moderation depends on the power generation cost-effectiveness enhancement and decarbonization of power generation and on the administration of electricity demand.
They are, together with the United States, the European Union, Japan and Korea, key climate powers-countries that answer for a relevant share of GHG emissions in total global amount, and have human and technological capacity to implement decarbonization.
0oC, linked to a clear decarbonization pathway, where there is differentiation between developed and developing country obligations.
More striking is that 2050 was set as a target year to begin decarbonization, with a commitment to achieve that goal by 2070.
COP21 could have been used as momentum for Turkey to leapfrog toward a decarbonization pathway rather than locking in its fossil fuel-based economy.
5 degrees warming threshold into a legally binding global agreement with five-year reviews; by 2050 achieve complete decarbonization and 100-percent renewable energy access for all; fulfill commitments to the Green Climate Fund; and prevent threats to human rights, particularly those related to food, land and water.
On the other hand, calcareous rocks of the Cienaga Marbles are surrounded by the pelitic Gaira Schists, which can drive decarbonization reactions as suggested by Spear (1993).
Bioethanol is an important player in the decarbonization of the transport sector.
However, such a decision would also likely lead to higher demand for gas and coal, higher electricity prices, increased import dependency on fossil fuels and electricity, and a more difficult path toward decarbonization.
A "Central Area DeCarbonization Plan" (10) has been developed for Chicago establishing eight strategies to reduce energy use.
As a consequence, the market for EU emission allowances (EUA) has been highly volatile and in recent years failed to deliver the price signal that analysts say is needed to incentivize the rapid decarbonization of industrial production.