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Rarely used term denoting the process of arterialization of the blood by oxygenation and the removal of carbon dioxide in the lungs.
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Portfolio decarbonization means investors systemically integrate carbon information into portfolio design, signalling that climate change, and the corporate response to it, is critical to shareholder value and investor interests going forward.
3]) content were chosen to achieve a certain variety in their SSA and its changes during decarbonization (Table 1).
Yet the countries at COP21 are not yet negotiating decarbonization.
The Coalition announced that two of the world's largest institutional investors, Allianz and SBP, joined the PDC, bringing its membership to 25 investors overseeing the decarbonization of US$600 billion in assets under management (AUM), surpassing the target of US$100 billion AUM set by the Coalition at its creation in September 2014.
At the same time, the pace of technological change in the energy sector is slow; any significant decarbonization will unfold over the course of decades.
The weak endothermic effect at 770 [degrees]C is mainly due to the decarbonization of poorly crystallized metastable forms of calcium carbonate CaC[O.
Increased use of coal relative to other energy sources has reversed the long-standing trend of gradual decarbonization of the world's energy supply," the report says.
UNICA is also pleased to see that the Environment Committee has looked longer term to provide new and demanding decarbonization targets by voting to raise the Fuel Quality Directive's requirement for fuel producers to reduce the carbon intensity of their fuels by 9% by the end of 2025, up from 6% by 2020, the current requirement.
It was found that the determining influence on the mechanical characteristics of the products has a content of dolomite in the composition, which may be connected with the influence of carbonates, namely, the decarbonization process taking place during the firing of the masses.
That it would be wrong or unjust for the United States to refuse to act on decarbonization imperatives, let alone fail to lead other nations in taking on their own commitments, shapes the decision structure in which U.
It found that not once since 1950 has the world achieved that rate of decarbonization.
CCS contributes significantly toward decarbonization in most scenarios, with the highest penetration in case with nuclear constraints," it said in its "Energy Roadmap 2050.