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1. To cut off the head; specifically, to remove the head of a fetus to facilitate deivery in cases of irremediable dystocia, obsolete procedure; to cut off the head of an animal in preparation for certain physiologic experiments.
2. Relating to an experimental animal with the head removed.
[L. de-, away, + caput, head]
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Like the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Salafis in Kuwait and other Arab countries are affiliated with Al-Qaeda and with those in Iraq - like Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi's group of suicide bombers and decapitators. In an article published on Jan.
Killing and being killed has a certain Homeric dignity--Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander, and they were all for that sort of thing--but look at that boiling, oily swarm of mercenaries, profiteers, kidnappers, gangsters, looters, decapitators, child-bombers, spinmeisters, misogynist canaille....
However the psychological influence has been tantamount to having experienced a real terror attack.With the war in Iraq taking a turn for the worse as more attacks target US forces there each day, the element of terrorism had to be revisited, by ballooning the Zarqawi saga as decapitators were shown hacking off the heads of American hostages on the web.