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1. To cut off the head; specifically, to remove the head of a fetus to facilitate deivery in cases of irremediable dystocia, obsolete procedure; to cut off the head of an animal in preparation for certain physiologic experiments.
2. Relating to an experimental animal with the head removed.
[L. de-, away, + caput, head]
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There have, however, been earthquakes and torrential thunderstorms to deal with and once, a marauding band of bird decapitators.
Iraq has been at war with Daesh since its bloodthirsty brigades of decapitators and enslavers, comprised of former officers in Saddam Hussain's disbanded army joined by Islamists, took control of the Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Ramadi during January, 2014.
Now comes Lieberman's latest response after Zoabi compared air force pilots to decapitators from the Islamic State.
Marchand wanted to exploit the mythic image of West-Africans as barbaric decapitators. (144) It was indeed true that some German soldiers developed an irrational fear of West-African (and, incidentally, Moroccan) soldiers, but it was pure propagandistic fiction that the West-Africans would not take prisoners and mutilated wounded Germans.
The women, for example, are decapitators (see Madame Defarge's beheading of the governor [II.21.229]) with the same ferocity as the men.
But no force, it would seem, should be capable of transforming even a lifetime of socialist ardor into sympathy for absolutist mullahs, 10th-century tribal warriors, decapitators, and circumcisors of women.
Like the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Salafis in Kuwait and other Arab countries are affiliated with Al-Qaeda and with those in Iraq - like Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi's group of suicide bombers and decapitators. In an article published on Jan.