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(1) Coronary Angiography through the RAdial or FEmoral Approach. A trial comparing transradial and transfemoral approaches for coronary angiography (CA)
Primary endpoints In-hospital morbidity
Conclusion Transradial CA can be highly successful with few complications and good angiographic quality; it takes a bit longer, but permits earlier ambulation and discharge
(2) Cocktail Attenuation of Rotational Ablation Flow Effects study. A pilot study to see if the periprocedural complications of microvascular-mediated ischemia (slow flow or no reflow) and coronary vasospasm often associated with rotational ablation could be reduced, using a drug cocktail of verapamil, nitroglycerin, and heparin; 27 lesions were treated with a procedural success rate of 95%. Transient AV block is frequent, especially when treating RCA and circumflex arteries; therefore, prophylactic pacing is indicated
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The voice of the decanter is 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe, who has a clear Kentucky accent.
Your Charles and Diana wedding decanter is very sought after - it sells for up to [euro]275 if still sealed and [euro]500 together with a mint box.
The largest and most prestigious wine competition in the world, the Decanter judging panel is made up of 258 of the most respected wine experts, with one aim in mind - to award quality.
The inventor launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month to raise PS55,000 to put the decanter into production.
uk, PSLSA International bar ships decanter, PS36 DECANTERS all www.
In an homage to its endurance and presence throughout centuries of luxury travel, three bottles of Louis XIII, the Grande Champagne cognac considered to be Remy Martin's crowning achievement, have been outfitted with three hand-stitched Hermes trunks, which will also encase a white gold pipette by Puiforcat, and four glasses and a decanter by Saint Louis.
uk) - Decanter Platinum Best in Category: Red Rhone under PS15 A CLASSIC southern Rhone red with a fetching cherry-esque bouquet, it's beautifully concentrated with a forest floor of spiced black fruit and fine tannins entwined with black pepper.
Sam Wylie-Harris parades some medal-winning wines to raise a glass to the Olympic Games Here are some podium winners at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) and International Wine Challenge (IWC).
The Decanter Awards have just finished and although I've not been through the full results yet, there's an Asda malbec from Chile everyone's raving about since it got a top award, yet cost less than a fiver.
To seek a better protein source from palm oil wastes, researchers from Universiti Malaysia Perlis investigated the potential of palm pressed fibre (PPF) and palm oil decanter cake (a solid waste produced from milling palm) for bio-protein production.
The decanter can also "reinvigorate" wines that have been left in an open bottle for a few days.
The Irish were probably the finest decanter makers, these latter types often bearing heavy, ornate but nonetheless fine cutting.