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(1) Coronary Angiography through the RAdial or FEmoral Approach. A trial comparing transradial and transfemoral approaches for coronary angiography (CA)
Primary endpoints In-hospital morbidity
Conclusion Transradial CA can be highly successful with few complications and good angiographic quality; it takes a bit longer, but permits earlier ambulation and discharge
(2) Cocktail Attenuation of Rotational Ablation Flow Effects study. A pilot study to see if the periprocedural complications of microvascular-mediated ischemia (slow flow or no reflow) and coronary vasospasm often associated with rotational ablation could be reduced, using a drug cocktail of verapamil, nitroglycerin, and heparin; 27 lesions were treated with a procedural success rate of 95%. Transient AV block is frequent, especially when treating RCA and circumflex arteries; therefore, prophylactic pacing is indicated
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Unlike Baise-Covered Table with Decanter, which deals, albeit in a highly metaphorical fashion, with Soviet and Russian historical reality, "Escape Hatch" and "The Long Road Ahead" are both set at some indeterminate point in time and fall loosely into the category of dystopian literature.
The largest and most prestigious wine competition in the world, the Decanter judging panel is made up of 258 of the most respected wine experts, with one aim in mind - to award quality.
| Chateau de Berne Rose 2015, Provence, France (PS13.99 or PS9.99 mixed case of 6, now until August 1, Majestic) - Decanter Gold WITH a striking square-shaped bottle, this ravishing rose hails from the vineyards of Chateau de Berne, a boutique hotel in one of the prettiest parts of Provence.
Asda's Extra Special viognier 2011, also from Pays D'Oc, was IWC commended and gained a Decanter Awards bronze and comes in at PS6.97.
I WAS given this Tantalus drinks decanter stand many years ago.
Alfa Laval (STO:ALFA) , a provider of heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling, has received an order valued at SEK250m for decanter centrifuges to be used in a large waste water treatment plant in Chicago.
QI OWN a ceramic decanter handcrafted by Montrose Pottery.
The flavours of a younger wine can open up and be enhanced by the contact with the air as you pour it from the bottle into the decanter. Then there are the older wines which may have accumulated deposits that you don''t want inS the glass.
Pouring out a big Cabernet Sauvignon in a decanter can transform the wine in ways that simply allowing the open bottle to stand out for half an hour will never do.
Mise en place for an older wine includes a clean decanter, candle, matches, ashtray, cork removal tools, multiple clean serviettes, decanting basket and under-liners for the cork, bottle and decanter.
Midtown is a traditional decanter shape with four accompanying all-purpose stems.
The system is based upon a UCD205, high efficiency decanter that is compact, reliable and simple to use and maintain.