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The samples exposed to microwave promoted an acceleration of the decalcification process using nitric acid and EDTA as decalcified agent (Tables I and II).
The strength of evidence was inadequate to address the criteria and number of samples needed for validation with decalcified specimens.
Specimens for transmission electron (TEM) and optical microscopy were completely decalcified, postfixed in OsO4 (2%) for 2 h at 4 [degrees]C, and embedded in epoxy resin Aname Epon 812 (EMS).
In addition to the vein targets, drilling will also assess a sediment-hosted gold target where anomalous gold in soil and rock samples correlates with decalcified and silicified limestone.
If bone is still attached to the specimen and is difficult to remove, the entire specimen can be decalcified in 10% formic acid without loss of cellular detail on histologic examination, although this process can take 2 to 3 weeks for sufficient decalcification to occur for optimal sectioning.
After 4 h in fixative, pieces of sponge were rinsed twice in distilled water and decalcified in 5% ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) disodium salt overnight.
At Angel Wing this style of mineralization generates anomalous gold in soil and rock samples in areas of decalcified and silicified limestone.
The majority of both the EHE cases in bone (6/9) and the carcinoma cases (8/13) were decalcified in Easy*Cut Decal (American Master Tech Scientific, Lodi, Calif).
In the decapod crustacean cuticle, the amount of protein does not exceed 40% of the decalcified dry weight (Welinder, 1974).
Core samples from MR09-05C and MR09-06C indicate strongly decalcified and clay-altered limestone is associated with the gold alteration.
No hemosiderin pigment was identified, although the material had been decalcified prior to staining.
5 h during which their larval shells were decalcified, a process that does not otherwise injure the larvae, and then returned to natural seawater (Pennington and Hadfield, 1989; Pires and Hadfield, 1993).