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In retrospect, the extraordinary debut of Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck's spy drama "The Lives of Others" shows how a high-flying debut can become problematic.
NORTH'PTON v MACC'FIELD Much-travelled Clarke Carlisle, 32, is set for his debut for the Cobblers, who have a clean bill of health.
Sammy McIlroy (Debut v Manchester City, November 1971, aged 17): Rarely can any player have enjoyed such a sensational debut, scoring one and setting up United's other two in the famous 3-3 derby draw at Maine Road.
Redrow hopes to build 104 Debut homes in a mix of single storey, one-bedroom properties and two-storey, one and two-bedroom homes.
1938: Gene Kelly makes his Broadway debut in the chorus of Leave It to Me, but Mary Martin makes a bigger splash, with "My Heart Belongs to Daddy.
PAUL MURPHY Right corner-back Club: Danesfort Age: 23 Championship Debut 2011 Honours: 1 All-Ireland, 1 Allianz League, 1 AllStar Enjoyed a stunning debut season.
on the map in the 1980s with its consistently excellent self-titled debut (Livewire Records), wholly avoiding hoary hard-rock clich(hrt)s in favor of low-key jangling.
Schnabel is the first new artist Castelli has signed since 1971; like his 1979 Boone debut, the show sells out prior to the opening.
Making an impressive New York debut on the first night, young Maria Alexandrova proved fine as an implacable Queen of the Wilis, and later performances showed two more Queens of Wilis, Natalia Malandina with Lunkina, and notably, the very promising Maria Allash with Ananiashvili.
JAMES SKEHILL Goalkeeper Club: Cappataggle Age: 24 Championship Debut 2008 Honours: 1 Leinster, 1 Allianz League Great shot stopper who solved a problem position.