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These include the use of mucosa-sparing surgical techniques, minimizing nasal packing, judicious postoperative debridement, and optimal medical management with either topical or systemic medications.
The factors associated with mortality are an older age, a genitourinary source of infection, presence of renal dysfunction on admission, a body surface area involvement of greater than 5%, abdominal involvement, severe sepsis and delay in surgical debridement. HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, and delay in presentation as well as the number of surgical debridement do not seem to affect mortality.
At debridement, fasciitis involving the penis and scrotum was found in all patients.
(4,5) Initially, ultrasonic scaling was intended to be used as a preliminary debridement instrument followed by root planing with a bladed instrument to strip the tooth of a supposed toxic layer and leave a glass-like surface.
Similarly, the management of open fractures can also teach us about the importance of a proper debridement. Adequate debridement is the single most important factor in the attainment of a good result in the treatment of an open fracture.
The debridement was stopped since there was a high risk of retroperitoneal breach at the level of the flanks.
One study compared outcomes in patients who received antibiotics for a scheduled number of days versus patients who stopped receiving antibiotics following surgical debridement and normalization of clinical indicators of infection and found that there was no significant difference in recurrence of infection [5].
Intrastromal Injection and Corneal Debridement. All intrastromal injections were performed under topical anesthesia (0.4% oxybuprocaine hydrochloride eye drops, Santen, Japan) in aseptic conditions using an operation microscope.
All cases were studied in terms of clinical presentation, extent of disease at the time of presentation, extent of first debridement and postoperative course.
sericata fly species to treat pressure ulcers which were resistant to hyperbaric oxygen treatment, VAC, surgical debridement, or classic treatment methods used for a long period.
Key words: nonhealing corneal ulcer, keratotomy, debridement, cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive, avian, hyacinth macaw, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus