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 [da-brēd´] (Fr.)
to remove by débridement.


, débridement (di-brēd′mĕnt, dā-brēd-mon(t)′ ) [Fr. débrider, to remove a bridle]
The removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue, esp. in a wound. debride, débride (dĕ-brēd′, dā-)

autolytic debridement

A form of enzymatic débridement that uses the body's own enzymes to remove necrotic or nonviable tissue.

canal debridement

The removal of organic and inorganic debris from a dental root canal by mechanical or chemical methods. This procedure is done in preparation for sealing the canal to prevent further decay of the tooth.

enzymatic dbridement

Use of proteolytic enzymes to remove dead tissue from a wound. The enzymes do not attack viable tissues.

epithelial debridement

The removal of the entire epithelial lining or attachment epithelium from a periodontal pocket.

mechanical debridement

The removal of necrotic or devitalized tissue from a wound using friction, hydrotherapy, scraping, or wet-to-dry dressings.

sharp debridement

Removal of necrotic tissue from a wound with a scalpel or a related surgical tool.


[Fr.] to remove by débridement.
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If there is no frank instability, one may debride the lunotriquetral ligament and perform an arthroscopic wafer resection.
Vibrilase may meet the medical need for a product that can rapidly and safely debride partial-thickness burns by potentially reducing the incidence of infection, improving the outcomes of skin grafts, and ultimately reducing the time to healing.
6-8] Everything required to debride and heal a wound is already present in the wound itself.
Nurses apply a wound dressing wet with Betadine of saline and remove it when dry in an attempt to debride the wound Studies show, however, that removal of the dressing also removes healing tissue.
The company's proprietary TX1 Tissue Removal System is used to safely and specifically cut and debride diseased soft tissue in an outpatient setting using only local anesthetic (www.
Presente comme un opposant a un interventionnisme debride, le futur ex-secretaire a la Defense qui sera remplace par le technocrate Ashto Carter, nomme vendredi par le president Obama, ne cache pas son optimisme sur l'avenir d'un pays appele, apres 13 ans d'occupation, a s'emanciper de la presence etrangere improductive.
Dans une seconde partie, le rythme etait nettement plus debride avec des danses tantot lentes tantot rapides.
Si le premier acte avait ete tactique, le deuxieme fut beaucoup plus debride, voire enleve parfois.
It softens eschar so you can easily debride it," she added.
After fully opening the wound, the surgeon should remove all fluid contents and debride all necrotic tissue.
Using this system in burns allowed us to debride this wound twice with minimal impact to healthy tissue, including residual autograft tissue.