Opening or emptying into another part.
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(dā-boosh-mŏn′) [Fr.]
An opening or emptying into another part.
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As the eyes of the naturalist steadily maintained a position that was the opposite of his route, they served to give a direction to those of the observers of all these movements, and at once furnished a sufficient clue by which to unravel the mystery of so sudden a debouchement from the cover.
L'expertise realisee a montre aussi le debouchement de certains canaux d'evacuation d'eau au moment de l'accident qui avait cause des degats estimes a 349.000 ,00 Dh.
(14) Certainly, four years after Woodward's map, Thomas Scott sketches 'Risdon Creek' on a visit there but he applies the word to the stream's debouchement into the River Derwent.