A respiratory noise from the pharynx or trachea of a dying person, caused by the loss of the cough reflex and accumulation of mucus.
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References in classic literature ?
"I have been bitten by the editor of a partisan journal," was the reply, accompanied by the ominous death-rattle.
Brightness of midnight was ever around me; lonesomeness cowered beside her; and as a third, death-rattle stillness, the worst of my female friends.
When at last the blade had been entirely withdrawn, a red froth issued from the mouth of the wounded man and a stream of blood spouted afresh from the wound when he at length drew breath; then, fixing his eyes upon Grimaud with a singular expression, the dying man uttered the last death-rattle and expired.
"I shall have to enter into an argument with her; and in the midst of my speech some wretched turnkey who has found Gryphus with the death-rattle in his throat, or perhaps actually dead, will come along and put his hand on my shoulder.
It was the monster's death-rattle. Struck to the heart, it struggled in dreadful convulsions, the shock of which overthrew Conseil.
True, there's that diesel death-rattle when it's cold but you'll forget that when you push the throttle down.
hears the suction of his soul's death-rattle., but his is a history
Critics argued that the raid was pointless, with Japan's military might already having begun its death-rattle. The fact that the raid concluded only a few weeks before atomic bombs incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki further fueled speculation that it was mere busywork for the Pacific submarine fleet.
By now the roller coaster has reached the slow death-rattle, remorseless drag to the top of the first climb and there is nothing else for it but to hang on for the ride.
Boarded up shop windows, deserted streets and the death-rattle of retail failures mark the descent of once thriving shopping centres into ghost towns.
With summer coming to its close this is more of a seasonal death-rattle than a celebration.
Three childhood friends (played by Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and someone even less well known) are now in their 30s and after attending the funeral of one of their mates, decide to live life to the full by appearing in a tiresome, laugh-free two-hour death-rattle.