death with dignity

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"death with dignity"

Etymology: AS, death + L, dignus, worthy
the philosophical concept that a terminally ill client should be allowed to die naturally and comfortably, rather than experience a comatose, vegetative life prolonged by mechanical support systems.

death with dig·ni·ty

(deth dig'ni-tē)
An option chosen by a competent individual, or one having power of attorney when he/she is incompetent to make an informed choice, about actions to be taken when that individual is dying. Death with dignity often includes the implementation or withholding of various treatments as defined by the competent person and/or person with power of attorney. These treatments may range from the implementation of comfort measures, including pain control, antibiotic therapy, blood administration, cardiovascular medications, and palliative measures to life-sustaining devices. Other treatments may include the withdrawal of life-sustaining measures such as enteral feedings and resuscitative interventions, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and medications.

death with dignity

Death that is allowed to occur in accordance with the wishes of a patient. An individual may choose to withdraw from chronic medical therapies, as when there is little expectation of cure. Patients who choose death rather than active treatment often have advanced malignancies, poor performance status, major depression, poor social support, or a desire for a palliative approach to end-of-life care.
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What happens when an Oregonian dies under the terms of the Death With Dignity Act is very straightforward: He or she has committed suicide with the help of a doctor's prescription made explicitly for that purpose.
But the willingness of Oregonians to be the first in the United States to enact a death with dignity law has forced health care professionals everywhere to improve their approach to and emphasis on caring for dying patients.
With great consideration, she gave personal interviews to the UK's Tonight Show prior to death with dignity being addressed by their Parliament, as well as participated in a U.
California and Vermont are poised to proceed with such legislation, modeled closely on Oregon's 1994 Death with Dignity Act.
5 million people have visited the campaign website to help expand access to death with dignity in Brittany's name at www.
The administration has made no secret of the fact that it wants to nullify Oregon's Death With Dignity Act.
Mainers for Death With Dignity," the local group behind the assisted-suicide ballot, had the backing of powerful national pro-euthanasia groups, such as Hemlock USA and the Euthanasia Rights and Guidance Organization.
For that matter, how could they have missed three aid-in-dying initiative attempts undertaken by the citizens of California, the 1991 grass-roots campaign for the Death with Dignity Initiative 119 in Washington State (supported by 47 percent of the state's voters), the Death with Dignity Act passed by Oregon voters in 1994, the intense public discussion generated by the media's sensationalistic coverage of Dr.
Viatical settlements help relieve the burden of enduring a fatal illness, a method of enduring death with dignity.
30, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following statement is from Compassion & Choices President Barbara Coombs Lee, who coauthored the Oregon Death With Dignity Act that Brittany is accessing.
But some fear that the federal government would use the bill to also target doctors who participate in Oregon's Death with Dignity program.
The Death With Dignity National Center, a right-to-die advocacy group, says 80 percent of its members have living wills or similar legal documents.