Death Row

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The section of some prisons which houses convicted criminals awaiting execution
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His co-defendant, Ryan Matthews, was released from death row earlier this year after DNA testing, along with other evidence, proved that he is innocent.
Science has now shown that to be false and Ryan is free from death row and back with his family.
Terror backlash puts death row progress at risk: Serious doubts are being raised about the validity of the death penalty as part of a civilised society in the USA, civil rights activists claimed this weekend.
Abu-Jamal's description of condemned men being rushed inside from the exercise yard during a sudden storm because prison officials fear they might be struck by lightning and thereby escape their official death reminded me of one of the weirder aspects of death row in Texas.
For Harry and I are among the growing numbers of Pennsylvanians on death row, and Harry, because of mind-snapping isolation, a bitterly racist environment, and the ironies, the auguries of fate, has begun the slide from depression, through deterioration, to dementia.
The denizens of death row are black as molasses, and the staff are white bread.
Nationwide, the numbers of women on Death Row are equally slim: There are 49 condemned women, as compared to 3,100 men.
Texas and Florida, states that have led the nation in executions, have not put a woman to death in this century, even though both states have women on Death Row.
A leading specialist on women on death row, Professor Elizabeth Rapaport of the University of New Mexico, throws up her hands at gender-based comparisons.
In addition, Osthoff says many of the women on death row are there for the murder of a spouse or lover - six of the women hired someone else to do it - while about 90 percent of the men on death row are there for the murder of strangers or acquaintances, often done in the course of committing another felony.
No vicious criminal's going to be deterred knowing that he's going to die of old age on Death Row," said Sean Walsh, spokesman for Gov.
There are now more than 400 inmates on California's Death Row, more than one-fourth of whom have been there for a decade or more.