Death Row

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The section of some prisons which houses convicted criminals awaiting execution
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Nagaenthran has been in prison for a decade with eight of those years served under death row, with LFL collaborating with Singaporean lawyer and human rights activist Ravi, who represents Nagaenthran's family.
" It further said that Kaniz Fatima is among more than 8,000 prisoners on death row in Pakistan ndash one of the world's largest populations of prisoners facing executions.
"Have you ever seen a rich man on death row?" she asks.
Sarah Belal, JPP Executive Director adds: 'The new government has expressed its resolve to aid overseas Pakistani prisoners especially those on death row in Iran - but if swift action does not follow through, they remain at risk of imminent execution.
In February, a capital defense group and several death row inmates filed a federal lawsuit challenging the lawfulness of the certification process.
(5) Obviously, such a significant decline--if it remains steady or continues--will make a major contribution to the aging of the death row inmate population.
(4) Between 1989 and 2014, the average stay on death row in Missouri was a little over twelve years, with the average stay for Missouri prisoners between 2013 and 2014 being roughly twenty years.
I am the fourth person in America to be put on death row as an accomplice who had no role in the deaths--guilty by association.
This article seeks to provide some guidance, from a Louisiana practitioner's perspective, to the civil rights issues that arise on death row. First, the article reviews the history of capital punishment in Louisiana, noting how litigation has shaped the course of the modes of execution from public hangings, to the portable electric chair, to the deceptively-clinical lethal injection.
The judgement will impact 414 death row convicts who remained in various prisons at the end of 2012.