death rehearsal

death rehearsal,

n a hypnotic technique used to give patients added insight regarding the dying process to relieve fear or anxiety. Patients are directed to project to the time of their death and examine the associated feelings and circumstances and then aided to positively reinterpret them.
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In terms of political history, chapter two "'Turn thy Tombe into a Throne': Elizabeth I's Death Rehearsal," addresses the complex motives behind and the varied responses to Elizabeth's presentation of her own funeral inscription at her first public speech.
Contributors include experiential exercises that apply to healing and conscious growth, art and other imagery from a variety of sources that helps to explain the relationships between considerations of death and healing, transformative spiritual events such as near-death experiences, death rehearsal within the tradition of Buddhism, hypnotic suicidal reversal, imagery in the progress away from unresolved grieving, relations between death anxiety and death imagery, and practical suggestions and guided imagery exercises as useful tools in death education.