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Charles, Scottish surgeon, anatomist, and physiologist, 1774-1842. See: Bell law, Bell-Magendie law, Bell respiratory nerve, Bell palsy, Bell spasm, external respiratory nerve of Bell.


John, Scottish surgeon and anatomist, 1763-1820. See: Bell muscle.
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Q. What Is Bell's Palsy? A friend of mine has been told she has Bell's palsy. What happens in this disease?

A. Bell's palsy is defined as an idiopathic (from an unknown reason) unilateral facial nerve paralysis, usually self-limiting. The trademark is rapid onset of partial or complete palsy, usually in a single day.
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Q. What are the causes of bell's palsy?

A. I had it 5 years ago at age 20. All the symptoms of the above are correct not to mention the tiredness and rapid blinking of the eye from the effected side.

In my case I have just found out that I have a non milignate tumor behind my left eye which was likely to be the cause of the Bell Pausy in the first place. I encourage anyone who has symptoms or pain spanning more than 8 weeks to see their doctor and if possible request request or demand a MRI scan for peace of mind.

If pain persists get a second opinion and dont let the Dr. shrugg you off.

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