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What Dean's opponents fail to understand, however, is that no candidate will overtake Dean merely by pointing out his inconsistencies.
Only one of the 32 institutions had established the office of dean by 1870.
For all the biographic effort, for all the anecdotal evidence, the center of James Dean seems to be missing from this book.
Once in Philadelphia, Dean found himself again working with OIC.
Five or 10 years ago, Deans says, the only way to find rotten wood so deep in the hull would have been through destructive methods of testing, such as boring holes and analyzing the cores.
Delights by Jimmy Dean Egg White with Spinach & Mozzarella-Style Cheese Flatbread - the first meatless options in the Delights by Jimmy Dean line, the sandwich combines egg white with spinach & mozzarella-style cheese on a honey wheat flatbread.
During his trip, Dean Raymond kept a diary on the Internet and posted photographs to www.
Normally, the DCCC would support her in the first round [when she was the only Democrat in a large field of Republicans] and then quietly drop out," Dean says.
Dean, a right-handed pitcher who will be a senior in the fall, is one of many local players competing at the Colorado Fireworks Tournament, July 1-4 in Aurora, Colo.
Like most populist presidential candidates, Howard Dean wasn't nearly as interesting as the movement that assembled itself behind him.
I read William Holstein's interview with Jeffrey Garten, Yale's outgoing Dean ("Only A Passing Grade," July 2005), and never have I found a peer's perspective so absolutely right and wrong, simultaneously.