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v to make deaf; to cause the loss of all usable hearing.
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A lot of approximately 39,000 hand grenades reduced to deafening effect lethality,
The deafening screams in London's Leicester Square are usually down to Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron, but on Thursday night it was nothing to do with the tween stars, the squeals of delight were all for Leonardo DiCaprio.
The game wasn't a sell-out, probably because of the pounds 79 ticket prices, but the noise when Torres came on was absolutely deafening.
One man said: "I am four to five miles away from Billingham, but the noise was absolutely deafening.
as one of those assassins (opposite Helen Mirren), the nays surely became deafening.
The first European settlers recorded that the forests were alive with deafening bird song.
And yes, Peter, the silence from us small-minded Christians was deafening, almost as deafening as the silence from you in your condemnation of small-minded Moslems and Islamic fundamentalists who issued death threats to anyone who dared publish or look at cartoons of Mohammed.
The sound was deafening, the smoke caused by firecrackers and fireworks--again, the work of would-be tough guys.
When Hurricane Katrina dealt its deafening blow to the Gulf Coast region over Labor Day Weekend, it rendered the Mississippi River--Midwest agriculture's central nervous system--silent.
A woman was desperate for police assistance: she was afraid to go out of her house to confront people who were playing deafening music.
We looked on, then she left us in the dark to watch the video, now underscored by deafening rock.
The cry does not want to come out, but the noise inside is deafening.