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Body-building One of three power lifting exercises—along with the squat and bench press—in which one lifts a loaded barbell off the ground from a stabilized, bent-over position
World record, two handed deadlift 498.9 kg (1100 lbs), Benedikt Magnússon
World record, one handed deadlift 333.2 kg (734.5 lbs), Hermann Goerner
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Low-intensity: Do four sets of 10 to 15 reps each set of squats, hamstring curls, stiff-leg dead lifts, leg presses, and lunges.
Despite having never trained in the five events, Kassab lifted 60 kilograms in the log press, and completed 38 repetitions in less than 75 seconds in the ATV dead lift.
He posted a 210kg squat, 145kg bench press and 240kg dead lift to finish eighth overall and claim four points for the team.
"I was so nervous competing against girls from all over the world but won and set new world records for two lifts, squat and deadlift and a new record for highest total - squat 180kg, bench 72.5kg, and a dead lift of 200kg."
Disciplines for 2015 include the giant dumbbell press, overhead log lift, giant tyre flip, tractor pull, farmer's walk, Hercules hold, arm over arm pull, carry and drag, dead lift and super yoke.
Strongman Gary Phillips performing |a dead lift in the world championships
"Straighten out that back,'' Lukasevicz said to one of his charges who was doing a dead lift. "There you go.''
Some of the challenges like o[umlaut]dead lift' made the participants lift a 1,600 kg car via a dead lift harness.
After all, there's action to watch, including the intriguingly named Ferrari dead lift. British hopes are resting on the impressively broad shoulders of Jack McIntosh from Lancashire and Chris Gearing, a shot-putter-turned-strongman from Kent.
Johnston had to compete in five events on Sunday afternoon - a 36-ton truck pull, a 140 kilogram log lift, a van dead lift with a two-and-a-half ton vehicle, the equivalent of lifting 360kg, a "farmer's walk" in which he had to flip a 350kg tyre eight times, and the strength stones, lifting stones from 140kg to 200kg on to platforms ascending in height.
* Romanian Dead Lift (RDL's with a slight knee bend)--8 reps (75 sec.
In powerlifiting jargon, it amounts to a "dead lift"