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1. Without life.
See also: death.
2. Numb.
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1. Having lost life; no longer alive.
2. Lacking feeling or sensitivity; numb or unresponsive.
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Vox populi Not alive, deceased, goners, kaputt
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1. Without life.
2. Numb.
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Q. God! I want to die! First of all I would like to thank you all for this website - and for all your posts - it´s very supporting. Now, my story... I have Bipolar II I´ve always had been a sort of depressed / concerned during my childhood. When I was about 14 I felt something different: I felt sort of high - I was no longer shy - I did well at school and I was so happy with a great self-confidence. After two year that changed and I got depressed – school results became poorer. Got other physical illnesses - I was diagnosed chronic inflammation of the eyes - no treatment helped. Shifted to a new country was happy for a while but again started depressing. Inflammations of the eyes got better. I was happy and I was sad and so on... My father could see a strange activity in my eyes and irritability combined with deep depression. It’s Bipolar disorder. After 2 years I felt good so I stayed away from med. God! I really want to die. Thank you for your patience to hear this patient!

A. I sure can relate to how you have been feeling. I too have been so high that I danced on desk tops and then tried to kill myself many times. Thru prayer and alot of good loving caring people and doctor. I now know I must stay on my meds forever and just except that it is a chemical imbalance I will always need help with. God Bless you and Good Luck.

Q. What causes fibromyalgia? Is fibromyalgia a deadly disease?

A. The causes of fibromyalgia are not known. But there are many theories such as abnormalities in brain chemicals, infections, trauma, genetics and hormonal changes. Factors such as poor sleep, fatigue, overexertion and anxiety, may aggravate the symptoms. Fibromyalgia is not a progressive or life-threatening condition, but it affects quality of life. Fibromyalgia is only a disorder of muscles and not a disease.

Q. feel like im dying want to quit smoking and drinking want help

A. Well it is important to know how often you drink and smoke, in order to help you quit. You can ask your doctor about helpful tips for smoking cessation, for instance wearing a nicotine patch, or quitting gradually.

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Through the study of a dead language, she makes peace with her past and finds purpose in this next phase of her life.
Army Chemical Corps, "Elementis regamus proelium," is expressed in Latin--a dead language that is unknown to the vast majority of the U.S.
As a neo-Latin poet, of course, he was in the ambiguous business of celebrating the immortality of a dead language. In a review of David Money's The English Horace, James Binns summarizes Money's sense of "the subversive, subtle, ironic opportunities which the Latin language ofered those of the Jacobite persuasion," and this is well and elegantly said, but one might also say that writing a neo-Latin poem is always an act of restoration.
"Hebrew had been a dead language for many generations, more or less like Latin, when it was still used in the Catholic church.
Mary Beard tries to excite the pupils with the dead language using David Beckham's tattoos as a primer.
(4) The process by which a dead language What is language
UNESCO has warned that Irish is "definitely endangered", but Mr Blake claims: "It has never been a dead language." He said he learned Irish while growing up in the South Bronx and claims that 6,500 fellow New Yorkers tune into his show every Saturday.
The tales begin with "Oran, Dead Language": Oran, an area in Algeria that had one of the highest concentrations of pied-noirs, Europeans who fled Algeria for France upon its independence.
ELVIS is helping keep the dead language of Latin alive, well and rocking...
They are already classifying Coptic as a dead language in most encyclopedias."
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