de Quervain fracture

de Quervain frac·ture

(dĕ kār'vahn[h]' frak'shŭr)
Breakage of the scaphoid bone of the wrist with volar subluxation of fragments and lunate.
[Fritz de Quervain, 1868-1940, Swiss physician]
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de Quervain,

Fritz, Swiss surgeon, 1868-1940.
de Quervain disease - fibrosis of the sheath of a tendon of the thumb. Synonym(s): radial styloid tendovaginitis
de Quervain fracture - fracture of navicular bone with dislocation of lunar bone.
de Quervain incision
de Quervain release
de Quervain tenolysis
de Quervain tenosynovitis
de Quervain thyroiditis - thyroiditis with round cell infiltration, destruction of thyroid cells, epithelial giant cell proliferation, and evidence of regeneration. Synonym(s): subacute granulomatous thyroiditis
Quervain abdominal retractor
Quervain cranial forceps
Quervain elevator
Quervain forceps
Quervain incision
Quervain release
Quervain rongeur
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