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de Mus·set

Alfred. See: Musset.
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L.C. Alfred de, French poet, 1810-1857.
de Musset sign - Synonym(s): Musset sign
Musset sign - in incompetence of the aortic valve, rhythmical nodding of the head, synchronous with the heart beat. Synonym(s): de Musset sign
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Adaptation of Alfred de Musset's play, directed by Yiannis Iordanides.
(23.) See the detailed account of the novel's genesis in Alfred de Musset, Oeuvres completes en prose, ed.
([section] 17, 993) C'est aussi l'avis de Musset. Pour lui, cependant, aucune oeuvre d'art ne peut pretendre a une admiration universelle et atemporelle, de meme qu'un jugement esthetique ne saurait etre universellement partage.
Suitable for everyone over eight years old, Le Moulin Magique (The Magic Windmill) is based on a Breton folk tale by Paul de Musset. It tells of a poor miller and his wife who are starving.
The physical sign of "shaking of the whole body synchronous with the heartbeats, with jerking movements of the head and neck" , is called de Musset's sign, after Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (1810-57) French Romantic dramatist and poet, who suffered from severe aortic insufficiency.
Sand cascaded on to her next eminent lover, choosing a promising young poet and artist, Alfred de Musset, with whom she travelled to Italy in 1834.
Essas capas sao dos livros 'Porto do Remanso' de Geraldina Marx (1960), 'A Provinciana' de Vicente Ragognetti (1962), 'O Romance de Maria Clara' de Oliveira Ribeiro Neto (1965), 'O Segredo' de Alfred de Musset (1966) e 'O Misterioso Caso de Ritinha' de Leo Vaz (1969), conforme podemos ver abaixo (Figuras 2 a 6).