de Clerambault syndrome

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de Cle·ram·bault syn·drome

erotomania accompanied by the delusional belief that a certain person is in love with the afflicted person.
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(1) A condition affecting a young woman who believes that an older man of higher socioeconomic status is in love with her. Cf Bovarism
(2) Erotomanic delusion, hypersexuality; A morbid exaggeration of, or preoccupation with sexuoerotic imagery and activity. See Don Juan syndrome, Nymphomania
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de Clérambault,

G.G., French psychiatrist, 1872-1934.
Clérambault syndrome - psychosis primarily affecting females in which patient believes she is loved by someone of high status. Synonym(s): de Clérambault syndrome
Clérambault-Kandinsky complex - psychosis in which patient believes his mind is controlled by a source outside himself. Synonym(s): Clérambault-Kandinsky syndrome
Clérambault-Kandinsky syndrome - Synonym(s): Clérambault-Kandinsky complex
de Clérambault syndrome - Synonym(s): Clérambault syndrome
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