de Clerambault

de Cle·ram·bault

G., French psychiatrist, 1872-1934. See: de Clerambault syndrome.
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Neurologists and other researchers from Europe and the US discuss Ganser syndrome; Cotard syndrome; Capgras syndrome and other delusional misidentification syndromes; De Clerambault syndrome, Othello syndrome, Folie C deux, and variants; Couvade syndrome; possessions; conversion, factitious disorder, and malingering; Munchausen syndrome; camptocormia; glossolalia and aphasia; violent behavior; culture-specific hyperstartle-plus syndromes; the dancing manias or mass psychogenic illness; and the Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome.
Segun subraya Peggy Leboeuf, las obras que esa artista de Culiacan presenta en la Galeria Perrotin fueron inspiradas por las investigaciones del psiquiatra frances Gaetan Gatian de Clerambault, sobre la fuerza simbolica del gorro frigio.
Embora tradicionalmente classificada como uma alteracao da sensopercepcao, pelos manuais de Psicopatologia, a alucinacao auditiva verbal--forma tecnica de designar a experiencia de "ouvir vozes"--ja era percebida por alguns psiquiatras no seculo XIX e inicio do seculo XX (Baillarger, Seglas, de Clerambault, Ey, por exemplo) em sua particularidade com relacao as alucinacoes relativas as outras modalidades sensoriais.
The essay demonstrates that recent scholarship on de Clerambault reproduces the idealist assumptions that informed critical accounts of his work in the early 1990s, and locates these philosophical postulates within two interrelated poststructuralist interventions that enjoyed significant intellectual prestige in the 1980s and 1990s: the critique of the 'culture of consumption,' and the feminist deployment of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory.
Joe has a faint memory of the importance of the signal from the "lover" for de Clerambault sufferers, but cannot quite place it at first.
The definition of de Clerambault syndrome given in the book, "a delusional conviction of being in amorous communication with another person" gives some sense of its plot.
Del automatismo mental de Clerambault al fenomeno elemental de Lacan.
One of the essay's more difficult turns of the screw involves a complication in the plot line of the novel itself: joining Joe in an attempt to rescue a child during a ballooning accident is Jed Parry, a character described as a "Christian homosexual," suffering from a mental illness known as "de Clerambault's syndrome," which distinguished etiology was provided by Jacques Lacan's mentor Gaetan de Clerambault.
Over at the Open Eye there are some vintage images from French photographer Gaetan de Clerambault (1872-1934).
He brought de Clerambault's syndrome to public attention three years ago through the book, Hidden Love, but the Parisian psychiatrist de Clerambault was first to identify it 90 years ago.
El psiquiatra frances Gatian Gaetan de Clerambault describio este sindrome en los anos veinte, llamado actualmente erotomania de Clerambault, otro dedicado a las ultimas palabras de Chejov proferidas con amarga saliva antes de morir.
De Clerambault (1872-1934) was a respected French psychiatrist whose research made a significant impact on early twentieth -century psychiatry: 'through his concept of mental automatism,' Joan Copjec writes, '[he] completely revised our notion of psychosis and disassembled the category of effort or will upon which the study of the psyche had been based since the beginning of the nineteenth century'.