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Richard H., U.S. physician, 1813-1892. See: Day test.


Richard L., U.S. pediatrician, 1905-1989. See: Riley-Day syndrome.
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Vox populi A 24-hr period. See NDA day, Personal day, Unhealthful day, Unhealthy day.
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Q. Do you have ADHD from the day you are born? If so, what is the minimum age to test for ADHD?

A. yup, you have ADHD the day you are born. you can do a diagnose from the age of 5-6. but it's not an easy diagnosis and it needs a team of professionals to do it.

Q. why do Alternativ treatments are so popular now days?

A. In many chronic problems, mainly pain syndromes, the solutions the conventional medicine offers are not satisfying, so people turn to alternative medicine in search of a remedy. "Natural" products are considered safe compared to the "chemicals" of the conventional medications. Sometimes the alternative therapist is regarding the patient in a more holistic and empathic way than a conventional (usually over-worked) doctor. Many people try alt medicine as "if it won't work, it will do no harm" etc.

Q. how many calories should i eat per day i weigh 220 and am 5 feet 1 inch how many calories should i eat per day

A. if your aim is to loose weight, here is a site with a calorie calculator-

and here some advises on what to eat as a diabetic-

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The northwesterly wind in the morning will be replaced with the southeasterly wind on Absheron peninsulas at daytime. The temperature of seawater will be 22-23 Celsius in the northern (Sumgayit, Novkhani, Pirshagi, Nardaran, Bilgah, Zagulba).
The temperature on the Absheron peninsula will be +20-24 C at night, +33-38 C in the daytime, +22-24 C at night in Baku and +36-38 C in the daytime, the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry reported.
The researchers found that the mean daytime SBP/diastolic BP (DBP) was 129.4/77.6 mm Hg, and the mean nighttime SBP/DBP was 121.3/68.4 mm Hg.
After adjusting for demographic factors that could influence daytime sleepiness, such as age, sex, education, and body-mass index, the risk was still 2.75 times higher in those with daytime sleepiness, researchers said.
[USA], Sep 07 ( ANI ): Turns out, excessive daytime sleepiness is linked with brain protein involved in a memory-robbing disease, a new study reveals.
Based on the 2011 book "Satan's Sisters" by former "The View" co-host Star Jones, "Daytime Divas" starred Vanessa Williams, Tichina Arnold, Fiona Gubelmann, Chloe Bridges, and Camille Guaty as the hosts of a long-running daytime talk show called "The Lunch Hour," where they gather around the table to discuss life, love, politics, and juicy gossip.
The study used a large (194 cases) and geographically expansive data set of tornado-proximity (within 80 km and 2 h of initial tornado touchdown) soundings from 2003-11 to investigate how a host of tornado forecast parameters (33) vary between F1-F2 (weak) and F3+ (strong) nocturnal and daytime tornadoes.
The decline would seem to signal a change in the configuration of the Daytime Emmys from a soap star-studded fan draw to a less showy industry event honoring unscripted TV.
The implication of this finding is that interventions aimed at improving excessive daytime sleepiness may pay dividends in terms of better medication adherence.
The BBC Trust slated the daytime and primetime schedules on BBC1 in Monday's strategy review.
Thursday's daytime hours for the Flora in Winter exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum will be 11 a.m.
Children aged 7-9 years who wet their pants during the day have significantly more parent-reported psychological problems than do children with no daytime wetting, based on data collected from 8,213 children as part of a longitudinal study.