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Richard H., U.S. physician, 1813-1892. See: Day test.


Richard L., U.S. pediatrician, 1905-1989. See: Riley-Day syndrome.


Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine.


Vox populi A 24-hr period. See NDA day, Personal day, Unhealthful day, Unhealthy day.


n doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.

Patient discussion about DAy

Q. Do you have ADHD from the day you are born? If so, what is the minimum age to test for ADHD?

A. yup, you have ADHD the day you are born. you can do a diagnose from the age of 5-6. but it's not an easy diagnosis and it needs a team of professionals to do it.

Q. why do Alternativ treatments are so popular now days?

A. In many chronic problems, mainly pain syndromes, the solutions the conventional medicine offers are not satisfying, so people turn to alternative medicine in search of a remedy. "Natural" products are considered safe compared to the "chemicals" of the conventional medications. Sometimes the alternative therapist is regarding the patient in a more holistic and empathic way than a conventional (usually over-worked) doctor. Many people try alt medicine as "if it won't work, it will do no harm" etc.

Q. how many calories should i eat per day i weigh 220 and am 5 feet 1 inch how many calories should i eat per day

A. if your aim is to loose weight, here is a site with a calorie calculator-

and here some advises on what to eat as a diabetic-

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But the venerable daytime drama - with Erica's drama-queen antics still going strong - will celebrate three decades on the air on Wednesday.
We are thrilled to celebrate five years of participation at the CMA Music Festival, especially as 'Days of our Lives' is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary," said Sheraton Kalouria, Senior Vice President, NBC Daytime.
Simpson criminal trial in 1994 - and the networks' pre-emption of fictional daytime drama to air the real-life courtroom drama - as a harsh jolt of reality for soap opera audiences.
Land further noted that Daytime has been very successful since it was launched two years ago and is often the #1 program in its time period.
To recap: In April 1997, several families filed suit contesting the validity and constitutionality of Monrovia's daytime curfew.
In addition, NBC Daytime is teaming up with "After MidNite With Blair Garner," a nationally syndicated Country radio program from Premiere Radio Networks airing on more than 200 radio stations across the country each day.
Avant Interactive joined forces with NBC's popular daytime drama "Passions" to create a first-of-its-kind interactive user experience for viewers of the show's online promotional campaign "Passions Vendetta" (www.
Backed with research that proves daytime running lamps have significantly helped reduce the number of vehicle crashes, GM made the request in the form of a petition filed this morning with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in Washington, D.
The award-winning and celebrated campaigns include "Saving the Daytime Emmy Awards from Becoming a Daytime TV Rerun," "Transforming Waste Management's Facebook Narrative" and XYZprinting's "#DaVinciPlease 3D Printer Giveaway.
Under the supervision of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Daytime Emmy nominations have been released to find out which TV program is the best in various fields such as news, talk and soaps.
Daytime clothes should ooze class with just the hint of cleavage on show beneath a nice shirt or dress.
The broadcaster has also had success in recent months with factual daytime shows such as Rip-Off Britain and dramas including Moving On.