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A series of researchers and renowned daylight experts reported on the key benefits of incorporating natural daylight into both new and existing homes and buildings.
They highlighted the detrimental effects of limited access to daylight on human health and showcased a series of developments, which boasted stunning architectural design while making maximum use of daylight exposure for the benefit of their occupants.
Throughout the test program, the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based system from Daylight was evaluated against multiple missile threats and over several hundred test events.
Daylight Defense is the world leader in military systems based on quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology.
By leveraging their prior investments in commercial laser modules, Daylight can offer military-grade products such as the Solaris[TM] laser system at low cost.
We are pleased that the Solaris[TM] laser system has performed so well during these tests," said Daylight Defense's CEO, Dr.
Daylight Saving Time began when Benjamin Franklin penned An Economical Project, an essay suggesting the economies of shifting time to harness the sun's natural light versus artificial lighting.
AremisSoft Corporation (Nasdaq:AREM) an international supplier of enterprise-wide software and Internet-enabled solutions for the manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and construction industries, today announced the signing of a letter of intent to acquire Daylight Software, a supplier of leading edge hospitality sales and catering products.