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amp;nbsp;"Don't forget it's daylight saving time.
Daylight strategies must be responsive to local climate, building orientation and interior organization.
Leonardo DRS will pay USD 150m for 100% of the equity of Daylight Solutions, valuing the company at approximately 9x EV/EBITDA 2017E.
But each option for ending or keeping daylight saving time raises a new set of potential problems and confusion.
However, I disagree that we have reached a point where lighting power savings realized from daylight performance have become less relevant.
After that, the Northern Hemisphere emerges from its dark quarter and barrels toward spring, picking up three minutes of daylight each day.
Under chronology rules adopted by the Bulgarian government, the country switches to Daylight Saving Time for the period from March 27 to the end of October every year.
In 1784, when he was representing the new United States in Paris, he wrote a lighthearted piece about how the French were wasting a lot of valuable daylight by staying up so late at night and would be wise to move their clocks ahead an hour.
It's widely believed that the main reason behind implementing the daylight saving system is conserving electricity, since a good percentage of energy by lighting and appliances is consumed in the evening when families are home.
It was also recommended that, wherever possible and if convenient, the same person should be rostered on the first weekend in October at the beginning of daylight saving when the clocks are put forward one hour, and again on the first weekend in April at the end of daylight saving when the clocks are put back one hour.
They highlighted the detrimental effects of limited access to daylight on human health and showcased a series of developments, which boasted stunning architectural design while making maximum use of daylight exposure for the benefit of their occupants.