day sight

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Decreased ability to see in reduced illumination. Seen in patients with impaired rod function; often associated with a deficiency of vitamin A.
[nyct- + G. alaos, obscure, + ōps, eye]

day sight


(sit) [AS. sihth]
1. The power or faculty of seeing.
2. Range of sight.
3. A thing or view seen. Synonym: vision; visual perception

blind sight

The ability to see that occurs in persons who are blind because of a brain lesion rather than damage to the eye. It is manifested by their being able to reach for and track an object. These individuals apparently do not know they can see.

day sight

Night blindness.

far sight


near sight


night sight

Day blindness.

old sight


second sight

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The day sight cap screws onto the sight servo housing.
The fire control system includes a day sight optics, an eyesafe laser rangefinder with an absolute error of less than [+ or -] one metre for ranges up to 1200 metres (undetectable by image intensifiers) and a ballistic calculator with a sensor suite including air and weapon temperature, air pressure, angle of sight and canting, data from which provide the angle of elevation.
The BORC system provides clip-on night operation capability to the RBS70's existing day sight.
It is in the process of setting up one of the most modern facilities for the manufacture of Night Vision Devices and Day sights.