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(1) To wife swap
(2) To trade places in BDSM sexual role-play from dominant to submissive, or vice versa.


Ergonomics See Foot switch Informatics An input/output device with several ports, which allows a user to choose where data is to be sent–eg, to a fax machine, printer, network, etc.


1. A device used to break or open an electrical circuit or to divert a current from one conductor to another.
2. An assistive technology device used as an input device for a microcomputer. Types of adaptive switches include those activated by the tongue, eyelids, voice, movements of the head and trunk, and gross hand movements.

foot switch

A foot-activated electrical switch that enables the operator to use both hands in the application of an electrical device, e.g., light source, electrosurgical unit, drill.

gene switch

Any molecule that activates or blocks the transcription of proteins from DNA or RNA.

latch switch

Lever switch.

lever switch

A switch on an assistive technology device that must be bent or flexed for it to make contact.
See: latch switch

mercury switch

A switch on an assistive technology device that, when tilted, allows a drop of liquid mercury to flow to its contact, closing the switch.

momentary switch

A switch used on an assistive technology device that does not hold its closed position but must be constantly held or depressed for it to maintain contact.

plate switch

A switch on an assistive technology device that makes contact when the plate is pressed down.

pneumatic switch

A switch on an assistive technology device that is activated by a sip or a puff of air.

pole-changing switch

A switch by which the polarity of a circuit may be reversed.

rocker switch

A switch on an assistive technology device that can activate more than one function. For example, one output is triggered when the switch is moved to the left, and another output is triggered when the switch is moved to the right, as in a joystick.

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Q. does anyone have experience switching from metformin to janumet?

A. ?
Janumet is metformin... it's a generic name for it. metformin is a substance name and there's all kind of drug companies that manufacture it (all in different names and little formula differences).

Q. I am planning to switch over my son to vegetarian diet. I am planning to switch over my son to vegetarian diet as he develops a allergy while consuming Non-Vegetarian diet. I do not understand why he has developed this strange issue and we have been having Non-Veg diet for generations. I feel pity for him as every time he consumes Non-Veg diet, he develops a problem and I can never understand the reason. I did try several veg dishes and he feels comfortable in them. I would love him having chicken and mutton dishes and I really feel sorry for him. I am feeling nervous as I have several doubts on vegetarian food. Do you think by carrying out Veg foods can he develop good health? I hope someone answers by question

A. Hey…Please understand that many people are switching over to vegetarian food these days and you need not worry. He can increase on lentils sprouted beans, milk, and other veg food items as they do have good source of energy.

Q. My close friends have switched to Chinese medicine and they say it’s good with their experience. My close friends have switched to Chinese medicine and they say it’s good with their experience. I want to know in what way does Chinese medicine is different from western medicine?

A. it's an holistic method that tries to help people live a balanced life in order to achieve health. i can't say that they are wrong, but i can tell you that combining it with western medicine could be more beneficial. Chines medicine cannot help too much with things like infectious diseases or Diabetes type 1.

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In September of 2000, US LEC announced the addition of 15 Lucent CBX500 ATM data switches to its network.
They are capable of switching 3.2 gigabytes per second and will interoperate with US LEC's data switches to provide a highly advanced operational network with added redundancy and increased port density.
In contrast to traditional pluggable optical modules, OBO modules are designed to be used in higher-speed data switches, with interface speeds ranging from 400 Gbps to 1.6 Tbps.
Cyber Digital Inc (OTC BB: CYBD), a designer and software developer of advanced digital voice and broadband data switches, announced on Monday (18 December) that the company has entered into definitive purchase agreements to acquire two Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs).
it is the delivery and commissioning of the following components: - 4 core data switches (also "switches") (two pieces per data center) - 2 pcs out of band management switches (two pieces per data center) - 4 dwdm devices (two pieces per datacenter) - 4 load balancers (two pieces per datacenter) - 4 next generation firewalls (two pieces per datacenter) the client also requires the implementation of unified management for dc switching and encryption, unified management for load balancers, unified firewall management, and implementation of netflow monitoring together with 802.1x implementation, complete documentation (including emergency plans), 2 training sessions of 2 days for 5 users and 15 md support.
Bender says the Lucent data switches have performed reliably, which is critical given the network's importance to education.
Tenders are invited for comprehensive annual maintenance for epabx data switches and video conferencing installed at banga bhawan ii
The complete work includes supply and installation of necessary Cameras, NVR(Network Video Recorder), gigabit data switches, UPS and oth
Upgrade Wireless Access Points And Network Data Switches. Provide Wifi Drops In The Following Areas: Facilities, Security, Mpr, Latimer Cafe, Boardroom, President%s Suite, Classrooms, Rotunda, Gm Theatre, Exhibit Spaces, Gift Shop, Front Desk, Administration, Fabrication, Education And Library.
Tenders are invited for 11-1516 Phone & Network Data Switches