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For each one of those data silo systems you use, you severely limit your ability to get a 360-degree view of your franchisees.
More and more organizations are finding ways to break down their data silos and realize the significant ROI potential of optimized customer engagement," said Arthur Sweetser, chief marketing officer of 89 Degrees.
governance policy across data silos is also becoming paramount, the market has
Although the ability to apply a data security governance policy across data silos is also becoming paramount, the market has so far failed to offer CISOs the data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) products they need to operate across all silos with consistency," said Earl Perkins, research vice president at Gartner.
Unfortunately, effective and efficient healthcare record keeping has been severely constrained by data silos, traditional approaches and legacy systems, which now make it nearly impossible to streamline the search of information for legal discovery and compliance audits, not to mention the inability to expedite responses to individual privacy access requests.
They will propose next-phase options that may include hardening of the technical infrastructure, creating interfaces to more data silos, increasing enrollment, sharing infrastructure, and possibly a common account locator service or virtual master patient index (to assure that the records are accurately matched).
This first step in sharing data is acquiring it from the data silos.
By minimizing data silos and bringing all of the data required for pipeline integrity under one roof, PIIMS will function as a comprehensive information management system that satisfies the data integration requirements of the Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002," said Dennis Kooney, project specialist for Con Edison.
1 with the new Series IV options is intended to address enterprisewide data consolidation and reporting issues across single or multi-site and multi-vendor implementations, and to increase productivity and performance while eliminating data silos and reducing expenses.
In my experience, the average grocery operator has dozens (and in some cases hundreds) of application and data silos.
Because Johnson Controls works with 20 different car and truck manufacturers, they knew they had a lot of fragmented data silos and duplicated design effort.
Breaking down data silos helps users boost productivity, empower business users to access the data they need and be confident that the data is ready for anything.