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da·ta pro·cess·ing

(dā'tă prō'ses-ing),
Conversion of crude information into usable or storable form; statistical analysis of data by a computer program.
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* The app provides the Data Protection Officer (DPO) with required visibility into GDPR compliance via a DPO Dashboard that monitors non-compliant contracts and data processors across geographies and contract types.
These include the Digital Data Backhaul (DDBH) that transports signals from the radio telescopes to the Central Signal Processor (CSP), and data products from the CSP to the Science Data Processor (SDP) and from the SDP to the regional SKA Data Centres.
The Data Protection Act puts responsibility for keeping data safe on the owner of the data, known as the data controller in law, and not the data processor. It states that a business is breaching the law if it does not adequately assess the security procedures of any company appointed to process data on its behalf.
The Wallmaster measuring data processor is available with push-button or touch screen.
One data processor at the Dundonald site said: "We've been told we're getting even more staff.
The VIRXDR models can see up to 75 feet in total darkness using its 10-bit data processor, 21 LEDs, and day/night image conversion with movable cut filter.
New staff will need to be made aware of your requirements, Data Processor contracts reviewed, new technology assessed and the system audited.
New portable, hand-held colorimeters have compact, lightweight measurement heads that detach from the portable data processor so you can take measurements with just the head, which fits in one hand.
Matthew (pictured in a scene from the show) plays Conrad Lynch who is gay, single,and a data processor at a market research company.
Patterson designed the circuitry for the glove and the data processor. When researching the project, he says that he was "shocked to find out that nobody had invented one of these already." As it turns out, other engineers with similar goals were hard at work but just a bit too slow.
The main components include a C-band doppler radar with phased array antenna, a data processor unit, two operator workstations, communication equipment and an inertial navigation unit.
Phoenix, a direct mail data processor, will continue to operate from its current location with the same name.