data processing

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da·ta pro·cess·ing

(dā'tă prō'ses-ing),
Conversion of crude information into usable or storable form; statistical analysis of data by a computer program.
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Call Dimond at (703) 385-1188 for more information on data processing.
Founded in 1989, the firm recruits professionals and middle- to senior-level executives for engineering, finance, sales, marketing, data processing and human services.
Planners with limited experience and no data processing responsibility will have to expend considerable effort using this book as a single source to generate a plan that covers an entire business operation or agency function.
Some engineering, science, and data processing managers head a section of perhaps 5 to 10 or more scientists, engineers, or computer professionals.
Because of the ever-burgeoning workload, data processing personnel, especially systems and applications programmers, require regular access to a growing number of applications, or "sessions," on the system.
The greatest employment growth in business services between 1974 and 1984 took place in computer and data processing services, which grew by more than 250 percent.
Each department within a company would be linked by a company-wide network providing access to the data processing center and to services outside the company.
The rest of Ion's data processing business, including Ion's land data processing capabilities in support of its 3D ResSCAN land programmes, is unaffected by this transaction.
Patent 8,099,420 outlines its technology for identifying data in a data processing system based on its unique identifiers, independent of the data's name, origin, location or address and is now part of PersonalWeb's portfolio of 15 issued and pending patents for content addressable storage, cloud computing, distributed computing, search, social networking and associated technologies.
The Norwegian IT services group EDB Business Partner has received a NOK54m contract for data processing capacity from Terra-Gruppen AS, a financial company owned by 85 independent Norwegian savings banks.
* In Western Suffolk, the prominent retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond is leasing 9,297 SF of office space at 110 Bi-Country Boulevard in Farmingdale for data processing. Robert Yaffee of United Realty was the broker for this transaction.
The FS2620 also features Dual-PCI bus architecture that provides double the bandwidth, an efficient and sophisticated memory controller, and a custom ASIC designed to optimize data processing and streaming.

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