data processing

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da·ta pro·cess·ing

(dā'tă prō'ses-ing),
Conversion of crude information into usable or storable form; statistical analysis of data by a computer program.

data processing

the techniques and practices involved in the manipulation of information by a computer.
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The checklist here will be helpful to both you and your data processing shop to determine the specific and exact requirements of your order.
Founded in 1977, the firm recruits executives with salaries ranging from $30,000 to $300,000 in accounting, banking, human resources, marketing, data processing and engineering.
Founded in 1989, this firm recruits professionals and middle- to senior-level executives for engineering, finance, manufacturing-operations management, sales, marketing and data processing.
said, "Our open architecture and relational data processing solution can be customized to meet the needs of any community financial institution - regardless of size, business model or geographic location.
Further information on INNOVATION Data Processing and FDRERASE is available at http://www.
For strategic reasons, we chose to migrate from our existing RDS system, which Open Solutions had acquired in 2004, to Open Solutions' relational core data processing platform.
Automatic Data Processing: Automatic Data Processing (NYSE:ADP) reported third-quarter earnings today that topped analyst per-share expectations by a penny; the company's sales rose 10 percent to $2.
Your Board of Directors has been effectively enhancing shareholder value by improving and expanding our operations as a leading provider of business and consumer information, data processing and database marketing services that are used by our over four million small business users to generate sales leads and sales growth.

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