data processing

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da·ta pro·cess·ing

(dā'tă prō'ses-ing),
Conversion of crude information into usable or storable form; statistical analysis of data by a computer program.

data processing

the techniques and practices involved in the manipulation of information by a computer.
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Founded in 1990, the firm recruits middle- to senior-level executives for positions with salaries ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 in human resources, marketing, finance and data processing.
Founded in 1987, the firm recruits professionals with salaries from $20,000 to $250,000 in engineering, finance, data processing, sales, marketing, banking, hotel management and public relations.
Firm proposals on outsourcing, centralizing or regionalizing data processing operations.
cfm FDRERASE is a service mark, trademark and/or registered trademark of INNOVATION Data Processing Corporation.
Click the following link to see a weekly chart of Automatic Data Processing since July 2005 with 80-week moving average: http://www.
Your Board of Directors has been effectively enhancing shareholder value by improving and expanding our operations as a leading provider of business and consumer information, data processing and database marketing services that are used by our over four million small business users to generate sales leads and sales growth.
NASDAQ: OPEN), announced that Baltimore-based Securityplus Federal Credit Union has selected Open Solutions' enterprise-wide data processing platform, The Complete Credit Union Solution(R) (TCCUS) and other complementary applications.
s(R) (NASDAQ: OPEN) The Complete Banking Solution (R) (TCBS), a relational core data processing platform for financial institutions, to address its enterprise-wide data processing needs.
s (R) (NASDAQ: OPEN) The Complete Credit Union Solution (R), a relational core data processing platform for credit unions, to address its enterprise-wide data processing needs.
The in-house option offers complete control over sensitive customer data while the outsourced, hosted option provides both equipment and technology support through a secure data processing center.
John Gillooly, vice president of Western Hemisphere Data Processing at PGS added, "By working with IBM, we can now scale real-time to handle requests for urgent deep water imaging solutions.

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