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In response in April 2016, the FDA drafted a guidance for data integrity called "Data Integrity and Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Industry.
While the four guidance documents provide most welcome clarity and details around the various agencies'expectations and requirements related to the assurance of data integrity, it should be noted that the basic requirements for generating and maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing data have always been a fundamental cGMP requirement.
The company's offerings reportedly include: Data Integrity Process Analysis, which means assessing current data integrity processes and identifying problem areas; Data Integrity Diagnosis, which means determining data quality levels and tracing the impacts of data integrity problems on fulfillment, assurance and billing; Data Integrity Deployment Planning, which means formulating comprehensive data integrity strategies and processes to institutionalize data integrity management for long-term business benefits; as well as Data Integrity Results Assessment, which means measuring the results of data integrity management projects.
As a result, the split-path architecture provides both scalable performance and increased data integrity to meet the requirements of enterprise-class environments.
Spectra Logic's Data Integrity Verification improves system availability and data integrity by proactively performing background read verification passes of the tape media on a scheduled basis and reporting potentially latent failures.
Current DSA partners include Applied Security, Agiliance, ArcSight, CoreTrace, Dataguise, eEye Digital Security, Fortify, GridApp, McAfee, nCircle, Rev2 Networks, RSA (Archer Technologies and enVision), Rsam and Kinamik Data Integrity.
Our customers face growing challenges to secure their networks and maintain compliance, and many are looking to integrate innovative data integrity assurance capabilities such as Kinamik Data Integrity's with their McAfee solutions.
Kinamik is proud to be working with Japan Venture Partners to unlock the potential of the Asia Pacific region for our data integrity products," said Mark Searle, CEO Kinamik Data Integrity.
Managing data integrity and security when data is located at disparate geographies is a very complex task, and a solution remains to be developed.
One of the most important issues regarding using IP networks for storage over wide area networks is reliable data transfer, or data integrity.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Kinamik Data Integrity, a VC-backed software company and leader in real-time data integrity assurance, has been selected to present at the Under the Radar: Commercializing the Cloud 2010 event.
Data integrity may not be fully maintained, as you will most likely lose all information added or modified since the last backup was performed.

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