data dictionary

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da·ta dic·tion·a·ry

(dā'tă dik'shŭn-ār-ē)
A set of standardized definitions of all data elements collected in a given health care facility.
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To illustrate, "Data Flow Diagrams" and "Data Dictionary," two functions below the plane in Figure 2, are representative of the Data Flow Modeling methodology while "Entity/Relationship Model" and "Data Model," whose flag pole tops are closed to the top of the page in the figure, are representative of the Data Modeling methodology.
The division sends out the data dictionary (or schema) for the report.
* Having developed a data dictionary and a specific list of prioritized needs, create a third document called a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to submit to all software vendors.
Four appendixes are included: (1) Additional Tables; (2) Supporting Tables and Figures; (3) Definitions; and (4) Data Dictionary. (Contains 18 footnotes, 13 figures and 42 tables.)
These new specifications would be based on existing MISMO specifications and data dictionary, and be extended to fully meet Ginnie Mae's specifications.
If there is no central data dictionary, and computerized fields are labeled with different titles without definition or following industry norms, how can anyone be expected to understand and use data efficiently?
ACORD's new release includes updates to other implementation documentation and to the Joint Venture interactive Data Dictionary to fully support the new version of the XML standards.