data dictionary

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da·ta dic·tion·a·ry

(dā'tă dik'shŭn-ār-ē)
A set of standardized definitions of all data elements collected in a given health care facility.
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The Core Elements Subgroup began its work by attempting to define the word "core" for the purpose of developing a metadata element list and data dictionary.
5[feet] computer disk, and the values defined in the data dictionary were entered in it.
Our partnership with 3M will enable our clients to leverage the powerful capabilities of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary to map their data," said Rizwan Koita, CEO, CitiusTech.
Information about the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary and 3M's expertise in vocabulary standards implementation and terminology management can be found at www.
The Data Dictionary Task Force is one activity being conducted by the APSF in support of its October 2001 policy statement, "The APSF endorses and advocates the use of automated record keeping in the perioperative period and the subsequent retrieval and analysis of that data to improve patient safety.
As the global custodians for the MedDRA data dictionary, the MSSO organization is constantly seeking best practices and innovative methods for the delivery of MedDRA training to all business professionals," said Patrick Revelle, the TRW executive responsible for all MedDRA business operations.
The PACE Data Dictionary supports database business rules, such as calculations and data validation checks, that applications throughout the database can share, eliminating the need for users to write rules for each application program.
By providing a single source of medical vocabularies that can be rapidly updated based on input from standards bodies, the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary enables healthcare applications to reference the latest terminology versions and make the most effective use of clinical information.
OpenInsight also incorporates an Active Data Dictionary to ensure users a consistent and integrated view of all data sources, including dBASE, ANSI SQL, SQL Server, ASCII, and DB2.
Shadow Studio provides seamless integration within the IDE to expose mainframe applications and data as Web services and real-time business tightly integrated with the Advantage CA-IDMS Integrated Data Dictionary.
Infinity incorporates additional data dictionary integration and ease of use features to the core reporting engine.
E[acute accent]--Making the Most of Structured Terminology: Strategies for Success with Rosemary Kennedy, RN, MBA, chief nursing informatics officer, Siemens Medical Solutions, and Susan Matney, RN, MS, team lead, health data dictionary team, Intermountain Healthcare - Feb.