data collection

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a gathering together.
data collection the process of acquiring subjects and gathering information needed for a study; methods of collection will vary depending on the study design.
research data collection in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as collecting research data.
specimen collection in the omaha system, the obtaining of specimens of body fluids, secretions, or excreta, including blood, urine, feces, sputum, or drainage.
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data collection

In the context of clinical research, the accessing and recording information that provides source data for analysis and interpretation.
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Another example of data collection in the room is by the sink.
The second subcategory has planed the data collection path of the mobile data collection devices and the nodes upload data in a multi-hop way.
To read the full whitepaper, visit 'Forensic Data Collection in the GCC: Ensuring your electronic review doesn't fall at the first hurdle'.
Respondents indicated this would aid real time data collection and regular data quality checks, ultimately leading to better quality data.
* registration of all data collection reporting requirements of external and funded organisations in the central departmental Data Collection Register (DCR) and Metadata Repository (MDR), to facilitate analysis and identify opportunities for rationalisation and reform
Early work in the behavioral science research laboratory, also known as the cognitive laboratory, used the theories and methods of cognitive science to investigate accuracy, timeliness, and response burden by evaluating the effects of alternative wording and ordering of questions, variations in the design and structure of questionnaires, the mode of data collection on the quality of survey data, and the accuracy and timeliness of survey responses.
The data collection targeted the 2003 calendar year as this was the most recent year during which production of both vehicle models took place at the facility and for which complete data was consistently available.
Her report states ethnicity data collection and monitoring is particularly important for cancer, as people from ethnic minorities often leave it too late to go to their GP and have poor survival rates.
Many of the articles discuss the subject but focus on different aspects of building data collections. One author has devoted his entire article to geospatial data collection development.
This research study is divided into two parts: Introduction (the problem statement, the purpose statement, the research questions, definition of terms), and Procedures (using a case study in research, the role of the researcher, data collection procedures, methods for verification, outcome of the study and relation to theory and the literature).
Now is the time to address the long-term future of data collection about the humanities.

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