data acquisition system

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data acquisition system (DAS)

a radiation detection system that measures the amount of radiation passing through a patient. In computed tomography, the system also converts analog signals to digital data that can be analyzed by a computer.
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To make it happen, Bower uses a turnkey data acquisition system from Hi-Techniques, Madison, Wis.
The portability issue in data acquisition systems is not growing as fast as we anticipated," says HEM Data's Brown.
In October, we delivered our first new slimhole seismic data acquisition system for borehole applications.
In October, the company shipped the first of its new slimhole seismic data acquisition system for borehole applications.
Data acquisition systems collect data from field devices like sensors or transmitters on parameters such as temperature, voltage, current, sound, and pressure through a wired or wireless network.
They can be linked with the basic data-acquisition software to build high value-added data acquisition systems.
SCADA is a term used to describe control and data acquisition systems that are integral to many critical infrastructures (e.
New current converters handle current signals for industrial instrumentation and control systems and remote data acquisition systems.
It also incorporates an SMB connector, provides seamless transition for many data acquisition systems and software set-ups, and it saves time when connecting multiple units such as in a large channel array setup.
The company is said to be a leading supplier of high-performance monitors, industrial computers and data acquisition systems.
1," a recently launched graphical development product to create test, measurement and control applications for hardware systems ranging from high-performance modular instruments to real-time data acquisition systems and handheld devices.
Target applications include process controls requiring retention parameters, data acquisition systems requiring pre-configured voltage reference levels and signal conditioning circuits requiring zero offset and span correction in various sensors (such as temperature, pressure, IR, strain gauge, etc.

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