darwinian evolution

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dar·win·i·an ev·o·lu·tion

the proposition that the phylogeny of all species is wholly ascribable to the combined effects of random variation (mutation) in genotypes of the members of a stock as a result of the operation of undirected accidents with consequences to their phenotypes and the operation of preferential (but by no means certain) survival of those resulting phenotypes most suited to survive in the contemporary environment. The proposed system survives largely because of genetic factors that avidly conserve the ontogeny of the stock.
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orthogenic evolution

An obsolete term referring to the evolution of biota based on intrinsic changes in the organisms’ genetic constitution, which contrasts to environmentally dependent (bathmic) evolution.
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dar·win·i·an ev·o·lu·tion

(dahr-win'ē-ăn ev-ŏ-lū'shŭn)
The proposition that the phylogeny of all species is wholly ascribable to random variation (mutation) in genotypes and the operation of preferential survival of those resulting phenotypes most suited to survive in the contemporary environment.
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Meyer doesn't reject Darwinian evolution. He only rejects it as a sufficient theory of life as we know it.
The important existential ethic of Darwinian evolution is passive adaptation and if no such adaptation is possible, then the species opt for another extreme i.e.
Darwinists now have many websites in which the experts gush about how wonderful Darwinian evolution is and the laymen (invariably less informed than Nagel) gush back about how wonderfully clear the experts have made evolutionary theory to them, dispelling all doubt and rendering the theory obligatory for all clear thinking people, so that only those wedded to a religious fundamentalism could doubt it.
"We also think these fibres may have played a role on the early earth where they could have been the first entities subject to Darwinian evolution."
He begins by stating that evolution "could not help but undermine many of the core beliefs of a predominantly Anglican society," and that "it was not uncommon for someone who accepted Darwinian evolution to experience a profound crisis of faith" (pp.
"Business has taken its cue from Darwinian evolution theory, or survival of the fittest.
Showing Darwinian evolution theory to be only half of the evolutionary picture, while dominating economic theory, Dr Sahtouris will share why cooperation is as much a part of evolution as competition and very much on the immediate human agenda.
But Darwinian Evolution, being a natural process, is itself subject to the principle of least action.
Applying principles of Darwinian evolution to an immortal spirit?
Proponents of intelligent design claim the Cambrian explosion of 545 million years ago, when the body plans of the ancestors of most animals developed, occurred too rapidly be explained by the gradual process of Darwinian evolution. Biologists Mark Farmer and Andrea Habura point out in their paper that unicellular protistan evolution lasted 1 billion years, providing the genomic diversity from which multicellular organisms arose during that remarkably fertile period.
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