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a room in a hospital or similar facility for the storage and processing of light-sensitive materials, such as x-ray film.


A room designed to be devoid of light. The darkroom is necessary for the development of radiographic film.


Enclosed area or chamber dimly lit by safelight (usually red) but otherwise intentionally lightproof room where films are handled and processed.


n a completely lightproof room or cubicle that is used in the processing of photographic, medical, and dental films. See also safe light.
n a darkroom for developing radiographic films, should be absolutely devoid of white light, as well as chemicals or dust that could damage the film while it is being processed; a filtered safe light of less than 15 watts should be the only light in the room.
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I had a junior college photography instructor tell me, after the administration forced him to get rid of the darkroom, the photography department lost 50 percent of its students, who registered at another nearby school that still has darkrooms.
Both educators and members of our advisory board stress the need for traditional black-and-white film and the traditional darkroom experience.
Among committee members, there is support for the idea that shooting black-and-white film, developing that film, and making prints in a traditional 'wet' darkroom is essential if students are going to learn the basics of photography.
They don't understand how much more it costs to build a professional digital workstation, as opposed to a wet darkroom.
Seasoned darkroom workers have long known that blending, or "integrating," two or more negatives onto one sheet of photographic paper reduces grain.
During the past decade the darkroom technique of stacking negatives has become increasingly popular with astrophotographers.
The standard darkroom method involves literally stacking two negatives on top of each other in the enlarger.
Last week, former darkroom technicians Anne Clarkson, 65, and Rose Paterson, 56, shared pounds 130,000 compensation.
Almost every current Nikon and Canon SLR now shoots directly into Darkroom and there are new printer drivers for many Canon, Fujifilm, and Noritsu printers.
was founded in October 2010 as part of the purchase of the line of Darkroom products from Express Digital Graphics, Inc.
Almost every current Nikon and Canon SLR will now shoot directly into DARKROOM and support for wireless/ftp cameras has been enhanced.
Darkroom Software, LLC was founded in November 2010 as part of the purchase of the line of DARKROOM products from Express Digital Graphics, Inc.