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The father dropped his son feet first into Dangler's and Miller's waiting arms.
It is within this framework that one can begin to grasp the full meaning of Dangler's thesis concerning "making difference." Using literary sources, in particular four discourses (i.e., two types of lyric poems, medical concepts of the body, and discourses on the monster), Dangler attempts to analyze the concept of "difference" or "alterity" as well as otherness, which she argues is manifested in these various discourses in respect to the many aspects of their subject formation and the author's embracing of contrasts and the negative.
At their subtle best, though, danglers still confuse readers, making them work to glean the writer's meaning.
Dangler's informants-homeworkers, distributors, managers, and regulators contacted between 1983 and 1986-thus include both those who were or had once made their livings through homework and those who had put an end to the practice, at least locally.
As Dangler puts it, "it is the fullest expression of the traditional gender division of labor as it simultaneously affects the household and labor market" (p.
The school district's attorney, Michael Rabus, suggests, "The Dangler decision is important because it protects school districts and individual educators from vexatious lawsuits.
Weather presenter Liam Dutton said Pembrokeshire Danglers can bring up to eight inches of snow in places and the weather in affected areas can be very different to that in areas just miles away.
April 11-12, 2008: East Central Writing Centers Association, in Columbus, OH Contact: Doug Dangler:
The six-year-old had matters made much easier after the unfortunate departure of Devilish Charm left him with an unassailable lead, and he passed the post 27 lengths to the good over The Dangler.
By Jamie Faricellia Dangler. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1994.
Dog Winners SHAWFIELD: 1st - Blazing Rebel (4) 7-2, Joes Marble (2) 2-1 PS10.74 30.20 Nr: Flagfield Mariah; 2nd - Santro Star (2) 3-1, Hammys Flynn (3) 5-2 PS11.37 30.66; 3rd - Reethi Titan (5) 2-1Fav, Express Blade (2) 3-1 PS8.67 30.40; 4th - Liosgarbh Branch (2) 7-4, Mardi Boy (1) 5-2 PS6.25 30.38 Nr: Jennys Vieri,Boundry Dispute; 5th - Mandy Moo (4) 6-4Fav, Limekiln Oynx (5) 3-1 PS6.39 30.58; 6th - Titan Phantom (2) 3-1, Marinas Merc (3) 6-4Fav PS8.18 30.96; 7th - Titan Moon (4) 2-1Fav, Tornaroy Tara (3) 5-2 PS7.61 30.61; 8th - Nadurra Bonn (3) 3-1, More Fame (5) 7-4Fav PS8.99 30.43; 9th - Nadurra Sasafras (4) 5-4Fav, Winterville (1) 2-1 PS3.79 30.77 Nr: Donnells Dangler; 10th - Solvitas Miller (1) 5-2, Pivotal (2) 3-1 PS10.90 30.72.