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Jean B.H., French physician, 1797-1832. See: Dance sign.


Involuntary movements related to brain damage.

dance/movement therapy

(in psychology), a movement-based therapeutic technique that aids in release of expressions or feelings and aids in promoting feeling and awareness. It is an intimate and powerful medium for therapy because it is a direct expression of the mind and body.


A gene on chromosome 14q32.1 that encodes a secreted, extracellular matrix protein containing an Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) motif and calcium-binding EGF-like domains, which promotes adhesion of endothelial cells by interaction of integrins and the RGD motif. The FBLN5 protein produced is expressed in intimal vascular smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells during vascular development, and in remodeling during atherosclerosis and after balloon-catheter-induced injury.

Molecular pathology
FBLN5 mutations cause cutis laxa type I and age-related macular degeneration type 3.


Rhythmic or patterned movement, particularly involuntary movements due to a disorder involving the central nervous system.

Patient discussion about dance

Q. arthritis and dancing

A. If you are suffering from acute arthritis it is better to let the joint rest and not do any physical activity, or at least take it easy and do gradual activity, because too much stress on the joint might slow the healing process of the inflammed joint.

Q. Will dancing help to loose my body weight? Hi guys, I am planning to reduce my body weight. Will dancing help to loose my body weight?

A. no doubt!
dancing is a great aerobic exercise. it works on so many groups of muscles and on the cardiopulmonary system. and it has another great virtue- it is a sport you enjoy and it's easy to get in a routine of exercises when you go dancing in a group.

Q. My son displays behavior such as hooting, screeching, flapping arms, "chicken" dancing, rocking... Hi members, please help me to choose the right way. My son displays behavior such as hooting, screeching, flapping arms, "chicken" dancing, rocking, bouncing, jumping, limited repetitive play skills, low self esteem, difficulty commencing and occasionally sustaining adult directed tasks, difficulty maintaining relationships with adults and peers, he becomes easily frustrated and will become physically and verbally aggressive, can overreact to being touched, easily distracted by noise, short attention span, likes routine and finds it difficult to change task, difficulty listening, and difficulty following verbal instructions. He is like this at home and school. I have been told by the local NHS group that he is not autistic because of his parent’s separation and divorce in his early life and he does not present these behaviors as a "pervasive feature". Instead they suggest he needs a hearing check and he has "neuro developmental immaturities". What is your opinion? Should I get a second opinion?

A. if you ask me - they could be right. anyway i would be careful from over-the-net-diagnosis. their specialist saw the child and examined his behavior, he probably know what he is doing. and even if you are not sure- get a second opinion. can't hurt can it?

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Driving and danceable one moment, sensuous and alluring the next, her music speaks with passion and intelligence of an artistic vision that recognizes no boundaries as it draws from all of Chantal's experiences and influences.
The Grammy-nominated Liquid Soul continues to deliver its genre-defying stew of jazzy, danceable horn-driven funk.
Charming and danceable, bright and sunny, Anything Is Possible is an irresistible bit of ear candy.
In the time since the formation, Despistado have been honing their hometown-infused brand of flash-frozen frantic, danceable, up-beat punk across Canada's boundless tundra.
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is now pushing police to raid record stores that sell DJ mixes--CDs assembled by disc jockeys to advertise their ability to assemble other people's tracks into a danceable set.
I'm stuck on you All her songs are 3 definitely danceable.
Masses are rarely as danceable as this one, and Andrew Lawrence-King and his cohorts are at pains to point up the relationship between Padilla's liturgical compositions and the local vernacular music, alternating elements of the Ordinary with lusty dance tunes (all composed by Padilla himself or his contemporaries) and songs, most of which juxt apose decidedly earthy rhythms with at least nominally pious lyrics.
Bathroom Floor is an eclectic mix, from the utterly danceable Tesco Queen to the soulful meanderings of the title track.
reviewed in these pages a few issues back) found Beau and his band in something of a rut -- although a highly energetic and danceable rut it was -- Zydeco Giant showcases a variety of musical styles and finds the Hi-Rollers in fine form as they provide a solid musical foundation for Beau's voice and accordion.
Rising ranges from thrashing, aggressive numbers to bass-sexy danceable grooves, from fusion moments to others that are about as close to ikebana as rock can get: her encompassing vocals bridge it all.
A song like Little Walter's "Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights" (later turned into an arena-rock anthem by Pat Travers) features a smooth, catchy, danceable blues riff.