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A resin resembling copal, obtained from various species of Shorea (family Dipterocarpaceae) in the East Indies; used, dissolved in chloroform, for mounting microscopic specimens.
[Hind. dāmar, resin]
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Jerry Dammers with former band member Lynval Golding
I myself was inspired by another song about Mandela by Julian Bahula which is not so well-known," said Dammers in a message to entrants.
Dammers later admitted that he knew nothing about Mandela, who was still in jail, although he knew a lot about the anti-apartheid movement.
Dammers says the study is in line with prior academic examinations of data from a National Center for Education Statistics database called "High School and Beyond," which showed the rate of high school seniors' participation in music classes in 1982 and 2002 to be roughly 20 percent and 30 percent, respectively.
Hall is adamant that this is not a problem, despite Dammers recent comments that the new tour represents not so much a reunion, but a "takeover".
Dammers, who wrote the anti-racist song Free Nelson Mandela said the BNP were like Daleks, because 'no matter how many times they're defeated, they don't get the message'.
The Frighteners'' actually finds its depth in a scene in which the thoroughly Martian Dammers interrogates Bannister.
From 1996-2001, Bill served as CEO of his own elevator consulting firm, Dammers & Associates.
Redcar Ska Festival Redska3 will feature former Specials members Jerry Dammers and Sir Horace Gentleman, aka Horace Panter.
Originally, the line up included Hillfields born Neville Staple and former King Henry VIII School pupil keyboard player and songwriter Jerry Dammers.
1981 The Specials - Ghost TownTHIS ska favourite was written by Jerry Dammers.
SPECIALS songwriter Jerry Dammers has been named a music industry inspiration three decades after his song, Nelson Mandela, stormed the charts calling for the release of the anti-apartheid campaigner.