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A resin resembling copal, obtained from various species of Shorea (family Dipterocarpaceae) in the East Indies; used, dissolved in chloroform, for mounting microscopic specimens.
[Hind. dāmar, resin]
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If the debut was a collection of singles and live favourites, the follow-up sees Dammers start to assume the mantle of leader and craft something that broadens the musical palette.
Jerry Dammers DJ Set plus Owen Gray, Jumpin' Hot Club at The Cluny, 8pm.
Chris is a close friend and sometimes collaborator with Dammers.
On these shores, Jerry Dammers was a member of the Coventry Automatics before they morphed into the Specials, recording on Dammers' own Two Tone label.
Some will know him (right) as the originator of The Swinging Cats, and for the influence he has had on the likes of Jerry Dammers and Madness.
JERRY DAMMERS, founder of The Specials and the man who wrote Free Nelson Mandela, explains why everyone needs to vote at the Euro and local elections to keep out the BNP
Originally called the Coventry Automatics, they were formed in 1977 by Jerry Dammers, their line-up growing to take in the likes of Terry Hall and Roddy Radiation.
COVENTRY star Jerry Dammers will become the latest big name to play new city music venue The Dog next month.
Later, I wrote Free Nelson Mandela, which led to me PLEA Jerry Dammers organising Artists Against Apartheid, which led to the huge Mandela concerts at Wembley.
Not only the likes of Suggs, Jerry Dammers, Frank Ifield, most of the Specials and the Selecter, Vince Hill and Hazel O'Connor, but it has also featured on an episode of Flog It.
Sam Duckworth and Drew McConnell are on the LMHR Artists Committee - an informal group of musicians including Reverend & The Makers, Roll Deep, Bashy, Jerry Dammers and Radio 1 DJ Mistajam.