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A resin resembling copal, obtained from various species of Shorea (family Dipterocarpaceae) in the East Indies; used, dissolved in chloroform, for mounting microscopic specimens.
[Hind. dāmar, resin]
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Berger combines a rich blend of raw pigment, liquid wax and dammar crystals, which she burns on the surface," read a description of the exhibit.
The Southern Hemisphere also contains many forests dominated by conifers such as podocarps (Podocar-pus), dammar or kauri pines (Agathis), monkey puzzles (Araucaria), Rimu pines (Dacrydium), etc.
A group of men go to the dammar forest to collect almaciga resin.
b) forestry resources: pine resin, lacquer, chaulmoogra trees, sticklac, dammar, mangrove bark