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A resin resembling copal, obtained from various species of Shorea (family Dipterocarpaceae) in the East Indies; used, dissolved in chloroform, for mounting microscopic specimens.
[Hind. dāmar, resin]
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For his part executive manager for AL Dammar Locality Jaafar Abu AL Gasim praised the government of the state led by the Wali for optimization process and promotion g service in Dammar locality.
The acquired spectra exhibit the most intense absorptions at 2945 (a saturated, less defined signal occurs in dammar) and 2872 [cm.sup.-1], respectively due to asymmetric C[H.sub.3]/C[H.sub.2] and symmetric C[H.sub.3] stretches, and at 1705 [cm.sup.-1], due to the C=O stretching of the resinous acids.
"Fortunately, the aromatic hydrocarbon-based ink was different enough from the painting to be slowly dissolved while minimizing the risk to the underlying painting materials which (at least) include egg, dammar, oil, alkyd resin, animal glue, and a range of pigments," Ormsby adds.
The Southern Hemisphere also contains many forests dominated by conifers such as podocarps (Podocar-pus), dammar or kauri pines (Agathis), monkey puzzles (Araucaria), Rimu pines (Dacrydium), etc., that have nothing at all in common with the taiga, and which are more comparable to temperate laurel forests ("laurisilva") (see vol.
A group of men go to the dammar forest to collect almaciga resin.(17) After the day of hard labor, the whole night is devoted to poetry.
(b) forestry resources: pine resin, lacquer, chaulmoogra trees, sticklac, dammar, mangrove bark
In statements , the gas company supply Amran, Dammar and Hodeidah ,but in Saada, IBB and Taiz supply special gas stations The price of the cylinder 2100YR.
QUETTA, October 22, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Provincial deputy secretary general of Balochistan, Maulana Muhammad Arif Dammar has strongly condemned and expressed his darkest apprehensions regarding intermittent waves of target killings in Karachi, which has cost more than 85 innocent and precious lives in a short spate of 5 days.