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Harm, diminution, or destruction of an organ, body part, system, or function.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. damnum, loss, harm]
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Successive defeats in the Premier League - to Arsenal and, more damagingly, Wolves - have led to reports of rows between key players and dressing room dissatisfaction with Mancini's methods.
And, even more damagingly, the Russians, Americans and Chinese look set to boycott the Commonwealth Games, yet again.
I would make moves at the wrong time and, equally damagingly, decide not to make moves partly out of a desire not to lose face.
Yet it leaves the Prime Minister's denials of such negotiations damagingly exposed and is the final nail in the coffin for the corpse of Labour's old ethical foreign poli-cy.
He said: "Everyone is familiar with the economic challenges, most currently and damagingly being felt at LDV.
Damagingly for Mr Brown, however, her devastating critique chimed with the complaints of the Prime Minister's critics on the Labour backbenches who have once again been talking of a possible leadership challenge.
The usual taunt is that I have been 'brainwashed' from birth, when it has been anything but that in my life, though the environment we live in being quite oppressive at times, with the misguided literally being dangerously bigoted and damagingly unreasonable.
And even if they don't, it surely is still better than not taking any action at all, in doing so reinforcing theA - incorrect - notion that the Middle East and Asia are inhabited by savages.At the heart of the issue is debilitating lack of self-awareness, self-analysis, and, most damagingly, accountability.
Stein suggests, plausibly, that mainstream criticism has tended to avert its eyes from the psychological implications of these strikingly frequent configurations, out of a reluctance to confront destructive narratives, since a pervasive biographical reflex in Storm studies means these could reflect damagingly on perceptions of the author's psyche.
Bush, his top generals and his diplomats so stubbornly and damagingly refuse to answer.
(3-5) SAMA's attitude harkens back, damagingly, to closed bureaucracies, institutional possessiveness and competitive small-mindedness.
Since then both the channel and the country have faced an uncertain future, with a spate of assassinations, demonstrations and, most damagingly, July's war with Israel that saw more than 1,000 Lebanese killed.