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Harm, diminution, or destruction of an organ, body part, system, or function.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. damnum, loss, harm]
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Using this approach, Gonzalez has found that certain species of bacteria are thriving and possibly damaging the cave paintings.
Along with damaging crops like sugar, pineapple, exotic flowers, and Macadamia trees, the drought sparked wildfires that wiped out hundreds of acres of endangered native species, including kiawe and koa trees, and for a time threatened the Big Island's remnant rainforest, where tropical ferns dried to tinder.
Even without severe conditions, lack of lubrication leads to galling of the pins, perhaps not only destroying the pin, but also damaging the die.
Chemical pollutants in parts of Puget Sound appear to be damaging the DNA of fish that live there, according to findings published this month by Donald C.