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Harm, diminution, or destruction of an organ, body part, system, or function.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. damnum, loss, harm]
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Regarding details about provision of classroom/shelters provided by NDMA for damaged schools in quake affected areas, the sources said the number was 49 in Buner, 378 in Upper Dir, 575 in Shangla, 196 in Swat, 129 in Lower Dir and 76 classroom/shelter were provided in Chitral.
The number of Southern Baptist churches destroyed or damaged by Katrina is estimated at more than 900 in southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, according to church officials.
Damage to one hard disk can be regarded as a damaged horizontal block damaged and it can no longer read and store the data.
According to Drummond, the next logical step is to identify the specific sequence of cellular signals that make up the checkpoint system--how ATR's binding to damaged DNA results in a change in the cell cycle and the actual repair of the DNA.
The fact that Willamette chose to process the damaged timber rather than sell it doesn't change the fact that the timber was damaged--forcing the company to use the trees before the normal time.
80-175, which also involved the sale of trees damaged in a hurricane, the Service revoked Rev.
The following compensation will be available for owners of lost or damaged vehicles, said Antonelli:
In the context of property damage, it is difficult to conceive of property being damaged by exposure in residence similar to the way that human cells were damaged in the Wood case.
The complaint had charged that the negligence included improper placement of diesel fuel tanks in 7 World Trade Center which, Deutsche Bank argued, exploded and caused 7 WTC's collapse, resulting in a dust and debris plume that damaged the Bank's building.
The hormone seems to prevent healthy nerve cells from dying in response to signals sent by damaged nerve cells.