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Dalmatian, Dalmatian coach hound

a medium-sized, shorthaired dog distinguished by its white color with black or brown spots distributed uniformly over the entire body. The breed has a unique protein metabolism that results in high levels of uric acid excretion into the urine. As a result the breed is predisposed to urate uroliths and some dermatoses believed to be associated with this metabolic characteristic. It also is affected by inherited deafness and a cavitating leukodystrophy. Called also English coach dog, Carriage dog, Plum pudding dog, Fire house dog and Spotted Dick.
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OK, we don't ever see 101 Dalmatians (and, yes, we were all counting them), but what you get are dozens of beautiful lifelike puppets, each one controlled by an actor to provide their voices but also to make them move in a convincingly canine way.
Amanda Carter leaving Teesside Magistrates' Court after being ordered to muzzle her Dalmatian and to pay PS628 costs
People have obviously heard of Dalmatians because of the book and the film and when they see us with Perdy and Mia often ask where the other 99 are," she said.
Because the introduction of the low uric acid dogs into the AKC registry gives Dalmatian breeders a scientifically sound method of voluntarily reducing the incidence of the condition, this committee strongly recommends some controlled program of acceptance of these dogs.
and where there's a firehouse, there's likely a Dalmatian.
The color green conjures up images of vegetation, money and, in some cases, Dalmatians, sunsets and lipstick.
Cute Minti became a bonafide movie star when she played spotless dalmatian Oddball in Disney blockbuster 102 Dalmatians with her dynasty of celebrity siblings.
However, she quickly changes her spots and schemes to recapture the puppies and create the most magnificent dalmatian coat ever.
The Dalmatian breed originally came from a place called Dalmatia, part of Croatia in the former Yugoslavia, In the mid-1800s, these dogs were brought to England that trained as carriage dogs.
Kruno Prijatelj, a leading expert on Dalmatian painting, however, disappoints as he presents little more than a listing of artists working on the east coast, culminating with the wonderful Giorgio Schiavone.
Folk poet and collector of Dalmatian songs, an important figure in the renaissance in South Slavic literature that took place beginning in the mid-15th century.