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Colloquial term descriptive of the segmented forms (merozoites) of the mature schizont of Plasmodium malariae.
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Referring to a pattern with a central mass surrounded, rosette-like, with oval structures that abut a central mass at one end
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Miss Daisy Miller stopped and stood looking at him.
Daisy Miller looked out upon the mysterious prospect and then she gave another little laugh.
"Well!" cried Miss Daisy Miller with a laugh; "I guess I know my own mother.
Winterbourne," said Miss Daisy Miller, introducing the young man very frankly and prettily.
"I shouldn't think you'd want that shawl!" Daisy exclaimed.
"Anyhow, it isn't so bad as it was at Dover," said Daisy Miller.
"Well, Daisy Miller," said the elder lady, presently, "I shouldn't think you'd want to talk against your own brother!"
"Well, he IS tiresome, Mother," said Daisy, quite without the asperity of a retort.
To this announcement, very placidly made, Daisy's mamma offered no response.
Miller's wandering eyes attached themselves, with a sort of appealing air, to Daisy, who, however, strolled a few steps farther, gently humming to herself.
Daisy's mother looked at him an instant askance, and then walked forward in silence.
"Well, I want you to take me out in a boat!" Daisy repeated.