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abbreviation for diffuse axonal injury.
A midwife in rural India
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They turned to the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce for help and gained a Mustard grant to start a marketing campaign to fill 32 places in Great Dais pre-school.
Choirboys rose from their places and raced to the wall at the side of the dais in order to peer up at the sky.
Indeed, the films' initial commercial use is expected to emerge in a few months in a subassembly of a fixed-plate heat exchanger, which Dais calls a Membrane Energy Recovery Ventilator, or MERV.
It deepens the relationship between GTA and Dais which began in August 2009 with the signing of a $200 million distribution agreement finding Dais exporting clean water, and energy efficient heating and cooling applications made using Dais' nanotechnology materials and processes.
The department of personnel ( DoP) has deployed 27 Rajasthan Administrative Service officers as protocol requires while the public works department has been assigned the work to erect the dais, roll out carpets and make the sitting arrangements through private contractors.
During the first quarter we began a sweeping organization change within Dais designed to intensely focus on monetizing our core competency in nano-materials.
Priyanka claimed that the Chief Minister misbehaved with her and asked her to go down from the dais.
He pumped money saved from his student loan and weekend jobs into the venture and is now set to open Dais to customers next Saturday .
flag by the dais where Bill and Anne Bowman stood, smiling proudly.
He then called the leading women involved with 7 WTC to the dais including: Yvette Wright, energy coordinator, Silverstein Properties; Robin Murray, senior business development representative, the Port Authority of NY & NJ; Tania Barba, project engineer and Flora Ramos, assistant project manager, Tishman Construction Corporation of NY;
The Colorado State Senate's tradition of inviting guest chaplains to deliver morning invocations turned divisive in March, when a Pentecostal minister used his time at the dais to pray for a ban on abortions.
From Age to Age shows the dais in a diagram but omits any mention of it in the text.