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1. a retail outlet for milk products.
2. the feeding and milking sheds on a dairy farm.
3. pertaining to or emanating from an animals or other thing concerned in the production of milk, e.g. dairy goat, dairy cleanser.

dairy barn
standard indoor housing in temperate and subarctic northern hemisphere countries; a common plan is to have animals housed on the ground floor and grain and hay on the top floor from which it is delivered to the animals below; the cows are tied in stanchions and milked on the spot or roam free and are milked in a parlor.
dairy calf
calf of a mating between a bull and a cow, both of dairy breeds.
dairy cow
cow of a breed specifically defined as being for milk production, as distinct from a beef or dual purpose breed.
dairy farmer
a farmer whose major enterprise is dairy farming.
dairy herd
includes milking cows, dry cows, heifers (maiden and in-calf), calves and, where needed, bulls. Called also milking herd, dry herd, followers.
dairy herd improvement
a centralized system, usually sponsored by a government or a farmer-owned cooperative, for recording milk yield and assessing the productive status of individual cows. Recommendations are then made relative to culling or mating program for the individual cows. The central database provides information on which analyses of performance can be made relative to a multiplicity of variables, such as herd size, breed, times per day milking.
dairy industry
includes the farms, the milk collecting and handling services, the processors, manufacturers and retailers and the private and government organizations involved in a coordinating or controlling function with respect to the harvesting and disposal of dairy products.
dairy sanitizers
disinfectants suitable for use in an environment and in a situation in which contamination of the human food chain is likely to occur.

Patient discussion about dairy

Q. I am lactose intolerant. Can I have any other dairy food?

A. If you are lactose intolerant then you must avoid all lactose containing foods like milk, yoghurt & cheese. You can consume these dairy products If your intolerance is less or else you can have cultured yoghurt and lactobacillus milk as a better dairy option.

Q. my son was diagnosed with mild asthma and the doctor said that he should refrain from dairy products. Does that mean that he shouldn’t eat anything which has milk in it – like cakes, or pudding? Are there any other types of food which aren’t recommended for asthmatics?

A. if it's just a little bit of milk in a cake- that shouldn't be a problem. but if it's a cheese cake- well..
it all depends on the amount. but the less he'll consume the better. you know Chinese do not eat dairy products at all and live very happy. in some of the foods that have milk in it you can swap it in soy milk.

Q. Can asthma get worse by eating dairy products?

A. It has not been proven that asthma has a connection to eating dairy products, and therefore asthmatic attacks shouln't be considered as related to eating such food.

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