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Dairy herd 2 consisted of 40 dairy cattle [greater than or equal to] 2 years of age and 20 young stock <2 years of age.
According to the fair booklet, she has served as leader of the Dynamic Dairyers 4-H Club and her children Ashley, Brandie and Rob, along with other club members, are continuing the longtime family tradition of showing dairy cattle at the fair.
It's relative economics,'' said Rod Forbes, a senior analyst at the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry told Kyodo News, explaining how dairy cattle offer a better return on the land.
In Indonesia, dairy cattle farming started late in the 19th century, i.
Dairy cattle alone produce more than 100 billion kilograms of manure per year.
Infigen met and exceeded the milestones called for under our agreement, including the cloning of numerous dairy cattle for commercial-scale production of bio-active human collagen type I, human fibrinogen, alpha glucosidase and pure gelatin," said Walter Simson, CEO of Infigen.
A day after he was introduced at a dairy cattle show, Galileo was led away by 2 handlers from the Health Ministry.
There's only dairy farming in Waterland--no orchards or fruit growing, which means endless swaths of low-cropped grass used by dairy cattle, and little brush or habitat for wildlife.
In England, there have been 150,000 cases of BSE, but in Scotland only 7000 - and in dairy cattle, not beef herds.
The hormone refuses to bind to human tissues; nor does it show toxicity when fed to rats, even at doses equivalent to 100 times those normally given to dairy cattle.
1) In China, the proportion of scaled dairy cattle farming has been further expanded.